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After 6 years of Paleo/Keto...

I will never go back to Paleo/Keto ever again. What an interesting journey it was, at that time I knew a bit about Nutrition from the class I had to take for Nursing but beyond that, I didn't have much in-depth knowledge of Nutrition. I, unfortunately, took certain peoples words as the written truth because they had 6pack abs, biceps, and a smile. I never once thought I was a part of the marketing strategy they implemented. Gullible me only thought that they were genuinely giving out information to help people with their health.

I did my research into Paleo/Keto but I only researched one side...the Paleo/Keto promoting side. I have to admit I liked the idea of being able to eat all the bad things people always said would cause problems but to then prove them wrong. Bad things meaning, red meat, saturated fats etc, (yes organic and grass fed is still saturated hormone ridden fat too).. I did prove them wrong for that year and half, but then I was wrong and they were right.


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