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Ovarian Cysts

These last few years I am having an issue with developing Ovarian Cysts. Last year (ironically same time) I had issues similar to a burst appendix, unfortunately, they were unable to fully diagnose me on those symptoms, but months later found an ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. Most cysts and fibroids are not something detectable until an ultrasound is performed meaning they are pretty much just there, you won't know until they do the diagnostics. This is exactly what happened in my situation. My current cyst that they found this year after going to the ER for similar pain as last year (I am still not ruling out the possibility of an appendicitis) lead them to find a 12cm complex septated hemorrhagic right ovarian cyst.

Now before I dive too deep into what has worked for me I want to fully disclose that it is very important in any home treatment regime that you do get follow up diagnostics that confirms the cyst/growth has self-resolved or shrunk in size.

Lets get right to it.

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