3 Books Everyone Should Read

If you care at all about your health, longevity of life, your children's health, your families health and your overall state of mind I highly suggest you read these 3 books. I myself am not the biggest book reader, but I highly recommend these to you.

Author Mark Sisson does an incredible job on his:
21 day total body transformation
"The Primal Blueprint" should technically be read first, but this one informs you in a non complicated way and helps you literally transform your body in 21 days. This is the table of contents above. You can purchase this on amazon. This is not a diet pill, selling you a bunch of crap nonsense this is a book that teaches you how to eat food and exercise at home to look your very best. A lot cheaper then P90x and Quick Trim, and it actually works. I am not going to give links on where to buy it because its up to you to do the research and get it where you want if you want. Here is a YouTube preview:


Author Gary Taubes puts together a pretty good book here about 
Why We Get Fat
Above is the table of contents. If your not a big reader you may pass on this, but don't you worry, here is a YouTube video that goes over everything you need to know. If you're a reader get it. This viedo is long, but it explains the whole book what else do you expect. Check it out:


Authors Doug McGuff and John Little explain what has never been explained to me before in 
Body By Science
I am a bigger fan of the message then following the body building component of this book, but then again I am a girl and guys may feel different about this. Here is a YouTube video about it:

So check out those books people or at the very least check out the YouTube videos. I will add more to this list once I read them, stay posted :)

Get Informed.

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