Protein Power

So I found out today that I am NOT eating as much protein as I should be on this "Ketogenic diet. 
You have to figure out what 
your body fat %, 
your lean body weight 
and then you can figure out your ideal weight
This was my math: (you will need the conversion constants to predict percentage of body fat chart to complete this).

A= Hips

I took 3 different measurements on each A,B, and C to get the correct reading I chose the bigger of the 3 and the shorter by an inch in height. A= 41 which in the conversion constants to predict percentage of body fat = 48.84 B=27.5 and on the chart =19.38 C=72 and on the chart=43.89. Add A + B=____ then take that number and subtract it by C this will be your body fat  percentage. Take your weight, mine is 168.4 and multiply it by your body fat. Now take your weight and subtract it from that number and it will give you your lean body weight. Mine = 127.99. Its ideal to be between 80 and 74 percentage for my age group age 10-30 which is 80 and 74 %. Take the lean body weight and divide it by 80= 1.59 and take the lean body weight and divide by 74=1.72 multiply both numbers by 100 to get the ideal weight. Mine is between 159-172. I am within my ideal weight but would like to go a little lower.

Back to Protein. Once you learn your lean body weight and you are on the ketogenic diet you need to consume that many protein grams in each day. I have NOT been doing this! Tomorrow I will up my protein intake. It is difficult to even calculate how to ingest 127g of protein in a day. I suppose chicken and protein shakes are in my near future tomorrow. This is an excellent low CARB 2g tasty protein shake mix, 23g protein per scoop. Mix with water or almond milk or coconut milk.

8/2012 UPDATE:

After some time attempting this overload of protein I found it did not make me feel very well. I was only able to hang with it for a day or so. My energy levels were not as good as I wanted them to be. So with my new found knowledge I have learned you want to have 1g of protein per 2 pounds of you body weight. Men could probably handle more, especially if they are working out. Protein in too much excess is not good for you. I find I have days where I consume more protein and other days where I barely consume that much at all. Listen to your body, let it be your guide. Do not ever over feed yourself, ever. Veggies are your friend, you can over indulge in that as much as you please :)

Get Informed. 

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