Lose Weight

So I lost 5 pounds in 7 days. I have completely eliminated the following from my diet:

FRUIT (only in moderation)
*These are in everything, gluten free products, chips, breads, sweets, milk, etc. Don't believe me? Check your labels at your home, look at not just the nutritional facts but the list of ingredients

I have concentrated NOT on calories consumed like it has all been hardwired in us but CARBS. I have eaten fatty substances, steered clear of non fatty meats, eaten a wide array of vegetables and ensured I stay under 50 CARBS a day. I am averaging about 27g CARBS right now on a daily basis. I have kept a food journal and am continuing to log how I feel each day after I eat different things. 

In one week, 7 days, I have lost 5 pounds by following this diet. Your body has two different ways to operate either by fueling off of fat storage's in your body or by the CARBS you feed yourself, when you eat too many CARBS you get fat and the only way to get rid of that fat is to fuel off the fat. You do this by going into ketosis, which means your body expels acetone from your breath and urine, a sign its using fat as its energy source. 

CARBS do not fill you up, they only make you hungrier. If you don't believe me do this test, eat 2 pieces wheat bread with jelly (55g CARBS) tell me how many hours it takes for you to get hungry again? Now try eating a steak (0g CARBS) and see how long it takes you to get hungry again. Our body simply does not run right with too many CARBS, all of our sicknesses out there simply prove it. 

Its mandatory if you follow a ketogenic diet that you consume fats, since your body is being fueled by fats you must eat more of that. This is the absolute opposite of everything I have learned. Everything that I thought was correct was to eat a low calorie diet, look at the calories, steer clear of fats and don't eat too much protein because you will become constipated. This is wrong! This is a lie! This does not work! This is a complete recipe for disaster! We cannot argue with how our body works, its our choice on what we do with that information. I have decided to test this theory. And to my surprise the results I am getting make me beyond question our modern medicine and this bunch of crap people have been feeding us about what is healthy and what we should be eating. We are slowly killing our bodies this way, not even knowing we are doing so.

I am going to be logging my progress along the way, I am not getting paid by anyone for writing this blog or writing about any of this. I want to inform people. I personally hate it when I have been fooled or manipulated, I want to give people information and they can use it however they want. You take this information and run with it as you please, if you think its complete nonsense then please do your own research by reading things and by your own body and prove it wrong. If your curious after hearing about all this please read more about it. "Body by science" is a great book, "How we get fat" is another excellent book. These are just two of the hundreds of books out there to help the population help themselves so they can live a healthier life. 

If you choose to do the ketogenic diet you must consume a TON of water, as my brother said, "If you do ketogenic you have to love water more then Michael Phelps!" Its true! You will dehydrate your body horribly if you don't. You should be peeing more then 5 times a day if your not drink more. 

So what can you eat on the ketogenic diet?
Steak, Pork, Turkey, Bacon, Fish, MEAT! 
Asparagus, salads, cucumber, brocoli, VEGGIES (the ones that do NOT grow under ground)
Heavy cream, coconut milk, almond milk, Cheese, butter, coconut oil, EVOO, OIL/FAT
Almonds, cashew, macadamia nut, hazelnut, NUTS

What can you cook with?
Almond flour
Coconut flour
Flax Seed meal
baking soda 
baking powder

ANYTHING that will equal up to less then 50g CARBS a day without WHEAT,CORN,SUGAR specifically. Remember sucrose and dextrose is sugar. 

This has literally turned into a family matter here at the home front. Which makes it pretty cool if your up to learning how to cook things and create things that everyone will enjoy. Honestly this food is not "diet" food, its so satisfying, so delicious, the thing I love the most is how yummy the food is! You can still eat bread, make it at home with the stuff you know is in it, you can still have sweets, make it at home so its exactly what kind of sweet your craving, you can still have ice cream, make it at home with heavy cream, richer and even tastier then the ones in the store. Have fun with it. 

So far: 
  • My energy level is more consistent throughout the day, 
  • I do not feel depressed,
  • My face has almost completely cleared up (I have struggled with acne since my teens and have tried literally everything), 
  • I do NOT crave food like I used to before. I used to have THE worst sweet tooth, I don't have that anymore, 
  • My headaches are gone, 
  • I rarely sweat anymore body odor is not an issue, 
  • And I am finally seeing my abs that have been hiding for so long. 
This is just a week people. I'm extremely excited to see how the next weeks go, improvements are supposed to get better and better as long as you stick with it.

This is not a get skinny fast fix, this is a go through your pantry and make a life change change for good. Do you want to look good, feel good and be healthy? Why not make a life change and do it for the long haul. 

If you have enough self control and consistency you will get the results your looking for. Don't set yourself up for failure though, if your parents aren't athletes that is just not in your DNA to become something like that, it will never happen, but once you make peace with who you are, what body type you have you will preform at the highest level and your body will love it. 

I can't go back now, there is too much evidence behind all of this. I'm hooked. Until next time.


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