Sugar: Substitute?

The little beauty

Yah yah, everyone says sugar is bad for us. So what. Its so good! It looks so good, it smells so good, it tastes so good. I have heard it in the past that sugar turns to fat. I never fully realized what that even meant until I learned the amount each of us ingest and at what point it will turn to fat. The magic number is 270g that is carbs, anything that you have within a day that will add up to anywhere near 270g is going to have no choice but to go to your fat cells. We think that doing cardio will burn it off but the science behind that does not support that as much as we all thought. 270g is a magic number assuming we start at zero. Not the case, so we should all be consuming much less then 270g a day.

I have been on the ketogenic/paleo diet this past week. I have been eating less then 50 carbs a day, paying no attention to calories, or fat intake, but concentrating most on how many carbs I am putting in my body. Carbs come from so much! Look at your lables people, its crazy to see how much we really take in each day. Yesterday I learned exactly what "sugar" does to me when I was still with my 50 carb limit.

So heres what I had yesterday for food:

Breakfast: 4 pieces turkey bacon, coffee with heavy cream and 2 packets of PureVia
Carb total= 2g

Lunch: 2 Spam pieces with dijon mustard, a salad with spinach, avocado, 2 pieces swiss cheese, and ranch
Carb total= 4g

Dinner: flat steak, asparagus, salad with red/green/yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, onion, tomato, feta cheese and basalmic vinegar.
Carb total= 5g

Dessert: Crumble cake
Carb total=18g

Total carb count for the day= 29 carbs.

This means I could have had 20 more carbs if I really wanted to, but hopping from 6g earlier in the day to 23g at dinner time was obviously pretty dramatic on my body.

I was satisfied after every meal, wasn't hungry, but satisfied. I was so "full" from lunch that I was not even hungry for dinner. After dinner is when the sugar demon showed his face.

When making the beauty in the picture above I thought PureVia was carb free, I thought choosing to cook with PureVia meant I was staying away from sugar. Little to my suprise PureVia is made from dextrose which is sugar it converts directly to glucose. That was an instant hit of 18g straight glucose for me. With everything else I had eaten the carbs had to be processed before they turned to glucose. At dessert time it was directly glucose.

How it affected me:

After one bite, literally, not over exaggerating, I felt this warm tingly rush in my face, like a head rush. I thought nothing of it. Thought maybe I was imagining it. However it got worse with each bite and by the end of eating the whole piece my whole face felt warm and I felt like I was in a cloud. I had a minor headache and just felt spacey and not very clear. I drank 3-4 huge glasses of water and it took some time to subside. I don't thing all of us really realize what happens to our body with a direct glucose shot, but for once in my life I was able to feel exactly what sugar does to my body. And I didn't like it.

I am now in a search for a healthy sugar substitute that has no carbs. Supposedly stevia is high on the list.

And so my research continues.

Okay I found it!:

BEST Sugar substitute Erythritol 1/2 cup = 1 cup sugar. Second best is liquid stevia! One teaspoon=1 cup of sugar. BEST BEST Sugar substitute ever!
Xylitol is good too 1/2 cup equals 1 cup sugar. Erythritol and Xylitol are granular, looks and tastes like sugar.

Get informed. Stay informed.

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