Who CAN You Trust?

So what is the truth? Its so hard to tell these days, I guess the real answer depends on whos pocket book is being filled by what answer they give you. Everything, yes everything is about the dollar. People will tell you almost anything, they will try to sell you on anything depending on the dollar they get. Look at celebrities, half of them don’t use these products they endorse, they simply get paid by that company. It really sucks for the gullable out there. I have been one of them more then a few times that’s for sure. I used to get sold on infomercials, on the diet crazes, on the exercise equipment's. I figured since I never tried it, they must know something I don't, but that's not true, they just needed the cash. 

So who exactly can we trust when it comes down to information people keep pushing down our throats? A few things you need to consider when trying to find out what is legit. 
  • Where did they get their information from? 
  • Did they conduct their own studies? 
  • Did they have a reasonable group of people they studied? 
  • Was the mean skewed? 
  • Where did they find these people they studied? 
  • Were these people paid?
  • What does the results that they say are accurate do? 
  • Who does it benefit? 
  • In other words who gets the money from this study?

I am so disgusted by all these different people coming out with different “findings” only to make themselves rich. We as people have started to lose our humanity, we have chosen to chase money over truth, and this is a huge weakness for us. 

Lets look specifically at what I have dove head first into these past few months. Food. What is really healthy for us? Who says it is healthy for us and why? I find the irony almost laughable at the amount of advertisements out there on how “healthy” Wheat is and how that is what we need in our diets more to loose weight and be healthy. Those that eat more wheat bread, wheat pasta, wheat everything are finding they are not loosing weight, they then look at another avenue in their diet that must be out of wack. Why? Because to question what another says IS good and healthy of us is unnatural. So what else could it be? I have switched to whole wheat, maybe I need to add more fruits to my diet. So the fruits get added in, and then the sluggish feel comes in and that oh so horrible lack of energy, so what do we do? Hungry why wait? Grab a snickers? We have received all the wrong information and are all guilty in trusting the wrong people. Its always better to trust those that look the way you want to look because they are doing in their lives exactly what they are preaching.

So lets look back at wheat and fruit. We have all been brainwashed with CALORIES! Who doesn’t look at how many calories are in things? I started looking at calories back in elementary school! The thing that people failed to inform us is this whole rule of calories we consume and calories we burn is all a bunch of horse shit. Calories, are all calories the same? Is the calorie of a pineapple the same as a calorie of a cheeseburger? How are these things even measured and why have we all been brainwashed to over focus on this thing called a calorie? And no you cannot eat whatever you want and just burn it off at the gym because the piece of equipment in the gym says you burned whatever amount of calories. How is that even measured? Have you ever thought to ask these questions? 

For the first time in my life I threw out the idea of looking at calories and I started focusing on the thing that actually does count the most, CARBS! How do we get our energy? Do you know how you get your energy? I get my energy from fat the last few months. Before this I used to get my energy from carbs. What the heck does that even mean? It sounds bogus and so left field that most people immediately repel away at the thought that someone is teaching something new and that what they knew and know has been incorrect. The majority of us will never admit to fault, and of those I bet you wont even give what I am saying a second thought. You are stuck in your ways, you think that what you have learned is true and correct, until you want to change and you will look into what needs to be changed you will never change! 

So what have we learned up until now in the food pyramid, that we must eat many times a day, small portions and this is why people do not lose weight because they eat 3 big meals a day not small mini meals throughout the day right? We need to eat more whole grains(wheat), we need to eat more fruit. Do you know how much Carbohydrates are in your Wheat or in your Fruit? Go look, go to your nutritional value on the package and look up how many carbs are in these so called weight loss and health miracles. Seriously do it, go look right now...I'll wait for you. Fruits, look up how much carbs are in your fruits you eat more than veggies because they are more palatable. Heres what I have learned Calories do not matter as much as Carbs and you need to be making a conscious effort in how many carbs you are consuming on a daily basis. 

Carbs is only the beginning of the new learning curb here. What everything really comes down to is how your body processes what you feed it. You want to be fueling with the right things. If you fuel with the wrong things your body will start to attack itself

So what is not good for our body? 

CORN (corn sugar, corn everything),

Do this, look in your pantry right now and look at how many of your delectable things have any WHEAT, CORN, or SUGAR in it. Do it. Don’t just believe me because I am saying this, look yourself. Okay now that you see what is in our foods do you want to know why these things are added? Why? Because its cheap! And because people get money for these products. Imagine if it got out that WHEAT, CORN and SUGAR were poisoning our bodies and this accounts for the majority of illnesses. I don’t think the world would even know how to handle that! People would be out of jobs! The FDA would be sued! And here's the biggest question, what in the world would everyone eat then? Food is not cheap! Especially the kind that you should be eating. 

My favorite thing now is that everyone is saying red meat is bad for us. This all came out because of a study that had people answer a questionnaire once a year, ONCE a year about what they consume in their diet. Really people! Once a year! How is that even a legit study? I cannot tell you what I ate last week, let alone the day before yesterday. Once a year questionnaire that then leads to the findings of how horrid red meat is for us. Once again, a bunch of horse shit. Who exactly was going to be getting rich over this study? And why did they only ask their participants once a year? Shady Shady Shady! This is not a proper way of running statistics, and having that gruesome class under my belt I can assure you this.

So lets go back to this how we fuel thing I mentioned for a brief moment in the beginning. What does that even mean? We fuel from CARBS or FAT? What they heck? Yes our body is designed to fuel either from CARBS or from FAT. You know all too well the CARB crash when you hit the lull in your day, and you know its time to eat! Why? Because your body is fueling from CARBS. So what is this fueling from FAT I keep talking about? We all one time or another automatically fuel from fat while we sleep, its natural. But we feed the beast when we wake up with a bunch of CARBS that re fuels the CARB beast. 

How do you maintain fueling from FAT? You simply consume less than 50g CARBS a day. HOLY HELL! So what in the world can you eat if you are staying that low in CARBS? Heres a little lesson, Protein (red meats, fish, chicken, eggs, ets) all have zero, yes ZERO CARBS! You would actually be surprised by what has no carbs when your viewpoint is pushed away from the evil calorie. 

Now you are eating a bunch a protein but you still feel sluggish? Why? Because your body is fueling off of fat and you are not consuming enough healthy fats! This is THE absolute opposite of anything I have ever been taught in my entire life but its true. Have an Avocado, use coconut oil, use butter, you need fats! So once you make the decision that you want to fuel from fat you actually begin fueling from the fat on your own body and the fat you consume. 

Your body was designed to do this, it is natural and no it will not kill you and yes you could do this forever if you so please to. Why should you believe anything that I have to say? Well, I get no money telling you this information, and I am actively practicing this in my life. I have seen incredible results! And still continue to see incredible results. My body is happy with the changes I have made and I will continue to make my body happy, I am NOT turning back. 

So I have created and continue to create things that we can eat that are normally high in CARBS like: Bread, and Sweets. I am playing with renditions of various recipes to get the technique down and make things healthy for us that help us loose weight and feel great. I am currently in the middle of Breads, Cookies, Muffins, Crackers, and Chips. I will post what I create when I create them. 

Join me if you dare, or prove me wrong, I am 100% confident there is no way you will be able to. I could go into the scientific evidence behind this but I do not want to bore you with the snore snore stuff. Look it up though, don’t ever just take one persons word for things, look it up, do your own research. 

I think we all deserve to live long happy and healthy fulfilled lives, I hope that you can start your venture along with me

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

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Until next time...


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