Making the Change (Step 1)

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I figured I would make steps of "Making the Change" to try my best to take the complexity out of this lifestyle. If you are ready to take the step and start eating the way I have since Feb 2012 this will be the Step 1 of making the change.

I find myself not following one diet to a T, not Paleo/Primal, not Ketogenic Diet, not Gluten free Diet, but rather a combination. My way of eating might vary from a Paleo/Primal diet, or the Ketogenic Diet but those are the ones I began following. I find myself mixing it up, just because of the simple fact that I am someone that does get bored of things very easily. Okay, now to what this whole post is about: Making the Change.

If you decide to take this step toward changing you MUST realize that the answer to results is consistency. I do not suggest someone try this then go back to the way they ate in the past. It is not healthy for your body to do that. This is a healthy shock for your body and the health benefits are tremendous. That being said if you decided to return to your bad eating habits as you did before your body might react extremely negatively to  that. My goal is for everyone to be as healthy and fit as they can be naturally, without prescription pills, so that you might be able to live your life happily and love who you are.

You have to get the low-calorie and low-fat diet out of your head. It is not the answer to a healthy body and it causes our yo-yo dieting in turn making our self image and stress levels heighten. The calorie in is not the same as a calorie out. Pick up books about this and please at least watch the free YouTube videos about these books

You have to understand the method behind the madness to really make this change. If you do not understand how your body works then you will not understand how this works and you are bound to fail. Our body is absolutely incredible and sometimes we don't give it enough credit or even realize it. Our body reacts to everything. Our body reacts to touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. Each of these things causes our body to react, it can react positively and it can react negatively. A lot of times our body tells us exactly what is wrong we just ignore it or avoid it and in turn we cause our own health problems without even really knowing it. Here is a little crash course of a brief introduction.

You have to have self control, without it you will fail. The bigger picture of it all is you are doing this for longevity of your life, for you health, for you. What bigger gift could you ever give yourself? Why not vow to yourself to take charge of your life in the one way you actually can. This all being said have you taken the opportunity to look at your labels in your cupboards? On the shelf in the grocery store? Please do this. You need to know how to read the nutritional labels. Do not ever purchase anything without looking at the ingredient list. This is your opportunity to take charge of what you are putting in your body and you are making the decision on what is best, not someone else who is getting rich off of the poor souls sold by that delectable picture on the front. Stay strong! You can! I can help you make delicious sweets that are guilt free and breads that are good for you, do not get sold by their wonderful marketing strategies.

So no more low calorie or low fat ever, say goodbye to it forever. You will need fats on this, without the fats you will feel horrible and will not lose the weight like you want. You have to go through your entire pantry and fridge and remove any of the temptations that are not good for you. You must remove anything with Flour (white or whole wheat), Corn (corn starch corn syrup, etc), Sugar (all sugars). This includes bisquick, corn bread, chocolate syrup, ice cream, milk, cake mixes, cookie mixes, just to name a few. Look at the nutritional facts and if any of those things are in there they HAVE TO GO. Why are you doing this? Well once this is done the temptation is out. It is truly the Step 1 towards making the change.

Once you have completed Step 1 its time to take a look at what you can put in your cupboards and fridge. That will be covered in Step 2. Here is an example of foods that can be eaten in my Groceries post

Until Next Time. Get Informed!

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