Making the Change (Step 2)

Congratulations for completing step one! I know it was tough, but the pay off is soooo worth it in the end. I bet your having a feeling of disgust of what you were eating before and also wondering what the heck it is that you can eat now. Do not worry, I will be here to help you. I promise you anything that you "crave" you can find ways to make that kind of food the "healthy" way. Promise. So now lets take a look at what you can put in that almost empty refrigerator of yours.

Mark Sisson has a very well layed out shopping list And if you haven't looked at it already check out my weekly groceries

I am going to give you a run down of what I regularly buy from the grocery store. Warning, avoid the center isles, it is just going to make you mad, and you are really not going to find anything that fits into our whats acceptable list. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store where the fresh foods are, you can cruse on by the frozen vegetable area as well, juts be cautious of the ice cream section. I have only found one ice cream that seems to be "ok" for lack of a better term. Bryers low carb ice cream only 4g carbs per serving.

You can eat BREAD just not store bought bread. These will be your basic ingredients you must have on hand at home for your breads:

Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Flax Seed meal
Baking Soda (look at ingredients must be carb free)
Baking Power (look at ingredients must be carb free)
Eggs (when cooking with coconut flour you will be using 4 eggs minimum)
Low Carb whey protein (gives your bread a springy texture and gives you protein at the same time)
Butter (salted)
Coconut Oil
Liquid Stevia (I buy mine at sprouts, get the large bottle it lasts and you will use it)
Vanilla Flavor
Cacao Chocolate 70% or higher unsweetened

Honestly, that combination of items up there will keep you busy for Cookies, Cakes, Biscuits, Bread, Pancakes, Waffles, and any other kinds of breading you can think of. I can help you figure out recipies for any of the above, just shoot me an email or comment below.

You can have SWEETS, just not sugar. Liquid Stevia is incredible! You can use it in coffee, baking goods, "milk"shakes, etc. OR use Xylitol 1/2 cup = 1 cup sugar.

Liquid Stevia
1tsp = 1cup sugar

Meats, pick and choose your favorite, but they cannot be glazed or marinated in all the bad things we are avoiding. My favorite snack that is fast is a nitrogen free uncured hot dog with low carb ketchup and mustard. I normally have in my fridge or freezer:

Ground beef (must be high in fat, grass fed is best)
Fish (be sure to incorporate lots of fats when eating fish, they are very low in fat and you need fats on this diet)
Steak (grass fed is best)
Turkey (just like the fish incorporate fats into your meal somehow when eating meats low in fat)
Eggs (Protein- Organic Cage free is best)
No meat is off limit, just remember high fat is better.

Vegetables, I say eat whatever vegetable you like I regularly have these in my fridge/freezer:

Broccoli (excellent)
Avocados (Protein, EXCELLENT)
Cucumber (excellent)
Spinach (excellent)
Zucchini (excellent)
Butternut Squash

These are just my favorites, you can have your favorites. Toss with butter or olive oil with salt and pepper, you need to add salt on this diet, we need the iodine. Sprinkle any spices you like on your foods, garlic. onion,  red crushed peppers etc. Do not eat potatoes, if you must a yam is ok, but the carb count might not be worth it unless its a day you went to the gym.


Macadamia Nuts

Basically any nut you like but Peanuts or use natural peanut butter. For Peanut Butter substitute use Almond Butter.


Cheese - any kind you like! I love Swiss, American, Mozz, Feta, Goat, Parmasean, Cream Cheese
Almond milk unsweetened
Coconut Milk
Heavy whipping cream (unsweetened)

No Milk! Milk has sugar in it.

You can eat fruit, just monitor the carb count of each kind of fruit you eat. I only eat fruits on days that I work out or feel like I need a bump in my carb count. Do not fill up on fruits, thats what your meats and veggies are for. 

Supplements I take a: 
coconut oil, 
vitamin D on a daily basis in the event I am not getting the right amount in my foods so I stay feeling fresh and my skin looks supple. 

Moving onto Step 3 I will cover an example of good Carb and fat consumption for a days meal.
Here is some of my daily food with recipies

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