Making the Change (Step 3)

This is the last and final step I will lay out for you. Step 3. Here are some examples of what you can eat. Be creative, have fun with this. There is no limitation with it only lack of creativity. Do not throw out your old cook books just yet, just substitute the things you can have for the things you cannot, pretty simple. Remember with coconut flour you have to add at least 4 eggs per cup to keep it moist, remember this if modifying old cookbook recipes. Now your free to run on your own with this, enjoy it, eat as much as you want, when you want. This is guilt free and you will look the best you have in your life. I suggest keeping track of your carbs the first month so you can gauge how you feel when you eat different things. We are all unique in our own way, get to know your body and take care of it like it was meant to be. The first week will be the hardest, but after a month goes by you are home free. Enjoy this new life and be proud that you have done so.

Some recipes
Craving Carbs
Food Ideas

If the above ideas do not help you figure out what you can eat here is an example of what you can have for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Dessert.

Two eggs scrambled with american cheese and a side of 2 pieces of bacon with Coffee with heavy cream and 4 drops liquid stevia for sweetener

Salad topped with grilled chicken with parmigiana cheese and Cesar dressing

Grilled steak with a side of asparagus topped with garlic and butter

Salsa with Cheese Chips

Cheesecake or homemade "milk"shake

Basically what you want to do is only eat until your full, do not under eat or over eat. Make sure you add your fats in. If you are having trouble getting your fats in get light Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and add a tablespoon to a smoothie that has coconut milk, a dash heavy cream, fruit of your choice, a scoop of low carb protein and blend well. Stay under 50g carbs a day. Its much easier then you think. Remember  I stay right arond 27g carbs a day average unless I am working out or being more physically active in which I add more carbs to my day.

Your first week can be incredible or very difficult depending on how strict you are on yourself. The more strict the better you will feel, do NOT cheat and eat bread (the bad kind), be strong! Just make bread you can eat and keep it handy while you transition. The two most important things you have to remember is to make sure you are in-taking at least 2g of salt with iodine in it each day, that is not included with the salting on your food already. That equals out to about 2 tsp of salt. You can get this in by having two cubes of bouillon each day if you can't over salt things. Why salt? Well on a low carb diet your entire body needs more salt, salt is essential for our bodies, without it we can feel faint, get leg cramps and just feel all around crappy. The second thing is FATS, you must consume FATS for your energy, when eating this way your body fuels off of fats not carbs, so if you limit your intake of FATS you are depleting your energy and choosing to feel like crap. For the first month you are going to want to consume as much protein as it takes to maintain your body weight. You can eat as much meat and vegetables and fat as you want, do not overdo it and do not starve yourself either.

SO.....what have you learned here? Stop paying attention to CALORIES and start paying attention to CARBS, get your salt intake up and the more fats you consume, the more weight you will loose. In the past 4 months my brother lost 100 pounds, my mom lost 25 pounds, and I lost 30 pounds. This will help you with your overall health, not just loosing weight, you will feel better, and people will notice!
For more information look up Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Gary Taubes, Paleo Summit, and Linda Low Carb for excellent recipes if you have tried all of mine so far, do your own research too take control of your life. 

I am here if you have any questions! Congratulations and good luck!

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