Before and After (so far...)

 My arms were getting so thick! I was almost battling a double chin. I didn't look too bad with my shirt on but once I lifted it the bloat nasty came out. These are super embarrassing to me, but I hope that this is proof to other people that yes I looked like this and yes I lost 30 pounds by diet only.

I honestly didn't realize how much different I looked until I saw these two before and after of less then 4 months next to each-other. This was just from diet only. 80% of what you look like is because of what you eat, 10% is from exercising and the other 10% you have no control over, your genetics. 
So I am not done with all of this. I will continue eating the way I have and this lifestyle switch is here to stay. I am now going to focus on toning up some more. I will keep you updated on pictures as the months go on so you are aware that this is not a yo yo diet and it is healthy and works. Sign up for Mark Sisson by going to his website and he will send you a lot of useful information about this, there is a lot of free stuff on there too. Look up Robb Wolf for some incredible stories of before and after and check out Gary Taubes doing some incredible investigating into this stuff. Check out Diane Sanfilippo on her work, she lays everything out perfectly. YouTube these brilliant minds and start doing your own research too.

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