Celebrities are doing it!

I was curious exactly what celebrities are doing low carb/paleo. Looking it up I found this list here of who is actively eating Paleo. Who doesn't want to look like any of these picturesque beauties. 

Here is a list of the celebs eating gluten free, sugar free, lactose free:

Megan Fox
Miley Cyrus 
Miss USA 2011 Shannon Ford
Eva La Rue
Uma Therman 
Matthew McConaughey 
Steve Nash 
Grant Hill 
Aaron Rodgers 
Kim Kardashian 

...to name a few. They all say it helps them loose weight (or even gain it if too thin) and improve their health. 
Bye bye gluten and sugar, Paleo seems to be going mainstream now and those are two BIG no no's. This sure makes me feel even better about my food choices, I hope it does for you too!

Until Next Time....


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