Daily Food Cheat Sheet

If you want to loose weight I advise you stay under 50g carbs a day until your desired weight loss is achieved. If you are happy with your weight 50g -130g (max) carbs a day can be consumed. If you are eating less then 50g carbs a day keep your total salt intake each day at 5 tsp if you are eating over 50g carbs you do not need to over salt.

This is my daily cheat sheet for the newbies out there that have their hands tossed in the air as to what they can and cannot eat. I hope this helps simplify things a bit for you. The fresher the produce the better. Vegetables will be your carbs, you will fuel from fats from your proteins and your cooking fats (olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter) this is fun, be excited about this! Your body will transform and you are going to feel great. This is a gluten free, sugar free low carb diet that is allergen free. Get ready for a new you, its going to happen faster then you expect it!


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