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For those of you who think in terms of science or for those of you that want to learn about the process of fueling from fat this post is for you. 

This image and information is straight out of my Human Physiology textbook

So how can eating FAT not make me FAT on low carb? 

When fats (lipids) are broken down so quickly the two carbons bind forming Acetyl-CoA they then turn into keto acids...if funneled in faster then it can go through the krebs cycle through gluconeogenisis it's turned to keto acids or ketone bodies. With an increase of catabolism of fat the formation of keto acids "ketone bodies" aka acetone is formed.

Ketone bodies can also be formed from the protein (amino acids) you eat. 

When the nitrogen is removed from the amino acids via deamination it is then called a ketoacid or ketone body. Can be acetone acetoacetic acid B hydroxy buteric acid. Can be reversed via gluconeogenisis to Acetyl-CoA that can then enter the krebs citric acid cycle.

2 ways to increase ketone bodies and fuel from fat as a non diabetic:

1. Fasting...body breaks down fats as energy after glycogen levels are low. Acetone is exhaled. Progressive speeding up of the breakdown of fats.

2. Low Carb...The theory behind the Atkins low carb diet the zone diet, paleo diet. Low carb or no carb give the advantage over all other diets to reduce the amount of fat. After the 24 hour reserve supply of glycogen left in your liver is depleted you will begin to fuel from fats on your body (your fat cells) or from the good fats you eat. By reducing your intake of carbs you force your body to breakdown fats at a faster rate. As long as you continue to eat carbs your body will fuel from carbs, when you cut carbs your body will have to fuel from fats and proteins.

Not to be confused with the very dangerous ketoacidosis.

Diabetes ketoacidosis is when sugars in the bloodstream can NOT be transported into cells and stored as glycogen or even used as energy. Hyperglycemia leads to glycosuria and ketonemia ("ketosis") leads to ketonuria. When carbs cannot be used as energy the body breaks fats down at a faster rate causing keto acids to raise, keto acids spill over into the urine. The build up of ketoacids in your urine is known as ketoacidosis which is very life threatening if you are a diabetic. 

You can check your ketone bodies by urine. Since you are not a diabetic the danger is not there. Purchase keto stix to see if you are managing the diet correctly while converting to low carb. You will not always spill ketone bodies while on low carb it is only when your body breaks down fats at a faster rate then it can go through the krebs cycle to produce ATP. So you will notice a sweet or acetone breath in the beginning phases but it will go away depending on how fast your body breaks down the good fats you ingest or not.

This is the science behind any low carb diet. The majority of people say low carb diets are a fad because its not a long term answer. When you are able to make sweets with no sugar carbs and breads with no wheat carbs I really do not see how this cannot be a lifestyle switch. I have been actively eating this way since Feb 2012 and have zero desire to ever eat the way I did before. I am satisfied with the foods I eat. I am never starving. Cooking is an absolute blast for me now. My depression is gone, my skin has cleared up, my hip/joint arthritis is excellent now (they wanted to do surgery on me) my energy levels are incredible, I feel refreshed when I wake up, and for once in my life I feel like I am lifted from the fog and so many things are so much clearer to me now. 

Paleo is a doable long term answer, and you can always personally modify any diet that is low carb to how you feel and how you like it. Just watch your carb intake, look up recipes for low carb, do not eat high carb foods and you will be on the road to health and success.

Its your life and your body, take charge of it

I highly suggest low carb to anyone suffering from auto immune diseases, depression, leaky gut, if you are overweight or you just want to feel and look better. Try it for a month, if it works stick with it, it has the ability to really change your life. 

Get Informed

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