Go Raw?

So I watched the documentary "Food Matters" this past weekend and it got me going on a lets try to go raw kick. I have been low carb high fat, semi paleo, semi ketogenic diet pretty strong for the past 6 months and I love it! Let me first start by saying I am not saying Raw doesn't work, but my approach to it was not very successful so I am going to be doing once again a modified version.

The idea behind raw food is the amount of nutrients you get from your food. Heating, steaming and cooking your food does remove a lot of nutrients, sometimes as much as half. I suppose the better question I have for someone who is contemplating going raw is where are you currently in terms of fitness and health? Are you currently doing the typical low-fat american diet? Or have you read up enough on Rich Mind Empty pocket to realize conventional wisdom and medicine is a little funky.

I have been trying to eat as much raw food as I can these past few weeks out of the sheer curiosity of whether I would feel as good as all these people have been ranting and raving about. I have gotten down to a science my low carb diet. I have figured out exactly what works and makes me feel incredible. The perfect combination of proteins, farm fresh vegetables and fats with salt shots. I started carbing up on the weekends after I dove into working out again and everything has been great. Now this week has been pretty horrible for me so far.

I picked up a bunch of organic raw foods this week and hopped on the train. My biggest fail of this was forgetting to keep my low carb down as packed as I have been. I lowered my fat intake, and my protein intake because I was overly concentrating on raw foods. Not okay. If you are currently doing low carb don't stop what is working so well for you if you want to incorporate more raw foods, just do that, add in more raw foods. Your diet foundation should be low carb and raw is just a side factor of something you might want to add in more of.

So I am not throwing the towel in for going raw, I am just going to put my low carb high fat back up on my high priority list that it needs to be on and add in more fresh raw foods in each meal as I can. If you are low carb like me you cannot forget your fats and your salt if you are keeping under 50g carbs a day. Fats satiate you, protein satiates you too, do not forget the importance of protein and fats when you add in raw foods. And if this is too complicated for you and you are a fan of your cooked veggies that you can drip in butter just make sure you are getting your essential vitamins and minerals in each day. Its okay to just take vitamin supplements even though natural is best. Just do what works for you and what makes you feel best.

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