1 year steady!

The road ahead is clear for you once you make your mind up about what you really want. What originally started as a challenge turned into a lifestyle. A year ago I decided to support my brother and I hopped on board the ketogenic (low carb) diet food path. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would be a low carb fan I probably would have laughed in your face because I was so brain washed by what I was taught to be "healthy" and what we should be eating. Now I am not turning back. My brother lost over 150 pounds and I weighed in at my 2-3 month mark and I lost 30 pounds...I have not weighed in since. I realized my driving force behind me is not the number I see on the scale but how I feel, and I feel incredible! When you eat the right foods, when you get back to basics you learn what your body likes, what you work best with. I might be able to stay lower carb then you or him or her, but each of us can tune into our bodies once you break it down and do low carb.

What did you eat the first month? Meat, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, tuna, spam, pork, veggies that aren't "roots", cheese, heavy cream, nuts, coconut milk, almond milk, fats (olive oil, coconut oil, butter, animal fats)

Do you count calories? No! I used to before all of this, but I have not looked at anything calorie related since I started low carb. You can not do low calorie and low carb, its suicide. Pick one, not both.

How long did it take you to lose the weight? I lost 30 pounds in 2-3 months. A year later I have dropped 10 sizes and I feel awesome!

Did you workout? I did not start working out until 3-4 months in, when I did workout it was once a week or yoga a few days a week. I allowed for full body recovery before ever working out the same muscles again.

How often do you workout? Right now I am on a lull, I haven't worked out in the past 3 weeks. I recommend using weights to get your body where you want to be once your diet has put you in your target weight zone. The biggest note to how often you workout all depends on how long it takes you to recover. Your muscles grow during recovery, so the longer you allow for full recovery the better you will look in the end. Just make sure you really push yourself when you do workout so your allowing muscle growth if that's what your after.

Do you eat fruit? yes and no. I eat fruit a few times a week but no not every day and if I do eat it its only one for the whole day. The fruits I do eat are bananas, kiwi, oranges etc. I did not start eating fruits until 4 months in on my low carb way of life.

What do you eat on cheat days? On cheat days I still avoid gluten and stay under 130g carbs but I have anything I have been craving, I love sweet potatos, sometimes I will have rice and even beans, its a "carb up" day so the only limitations I think should be staying away from gluten, but you can put your own limitations on what you want for your cheat days.

What will you absolutely not eat at all? Flour, wheat flour, corn, gluten, sugar

What sugar substitute do you use? I use Erythritol, liquid stevia and xylitol, sometimes I use torrani's flavored sweeteners that has splenda in it.

What do you drink? I have coffee in the morning with heavy cream with 5 drops liquid stevia in it, during the day I will drink green tea, lemon water, mint water, coconut milk, almond milk and even mio ( I know they are sweetened with splenda so I have sparingly) I have diet sodas about once a month too.

Do you drink Alcohol? Low carb turns you into a lightweight so I drink very little when I do drink. I stick to clear alcohols (vodka, gin, etc.) I have a glass of wine at least once a week too. I did not drink alcohols until 2 months in.

What do you cook with? Coconut flour, almond flour, flax flour and gluten free flour baking mix

What supplements do you take? I take a performance multivitamin, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, vitamin C, and coconut oil each morning.

If you do low carb remember the perfect 5! Always always have enough of these things, remember your 5!

The perfect 5 

  1. Protein (minimum 1/2 of your body weight in grams)
  2. Vegetables (eat as much as you please)
  3. Fat (minimum 1/4cup a day~coconut oil, olive oil, butter, animal fat, heavy cream etc.)
  4. Salt (if you are under 50g carbs a day 2tsp additional salt on top of salting foods each day must be consumed)
  5. Water (must urinate a minimum of 4 times a day, ALOT of water is needed, add a lemon or mint too!)
Somedays I wonder why I feel a little "off" and time and time again its because I am not having one of the 5, once I get that missing 5 in I feel much better. Keep that in mind when on your journey the perfect 5 is no joke, you must have those things to feel your best. The thing that is so awesome about low carb is you do not have to follow things to a T with food choices, just eat what you crave and if you can't eat what you crave figure out a way to make what you crave at home guilt free. If you eat out get your sandwiches wrapped in lettuce or get a salad bowl with meat. It can be done! I have done this for a year steady now and no I am not turning back. If you want it badly enough you will stop making excuses why you cant and start making changes that get you where you want to be. 

Whats the best way to start? Cut sugar and start counting carbs then advance from there. At the end of it all you want to be low carb and allergen free, our bodies thrive when in that state. As always you can follow me on instagram or facebook for more up to date ideas and tips. Get your mind straight and make that decision to just do it! Plan your weeks meals out on paper 7 days worth, every meal, you will have no wiggle room for error there. Make doubles for dinner so your lunch is premade. Heat and eat! Bam and Bam! 

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