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My "smiley" bulletproof coffee with organic heavy cream, grassfed butter and organic coconut oil.

So I was on a massive tangent for awhile there when I first started this lifestyle with posting recipes and my progress along the way. What has happened here is I am sold on it, the experiment I was trying out has become my life. I realized no one else was able to make the efforts I made. I did it on my own. I did it for me. In all honesty I just happened to be at that point in my life where I wanted a change. I really felt like I had hit rock bottom and I just wanted to dive in. No one held my hand through this, I did my own research and took classes to support it. Now I am faced with an in-between time with what I should post up on here. I want to share new recipes but I do not want to post anything on here if I have used others recipes as inspiration and tweaked it. I want authentic recipes that I made on RichMind. I feel like it is "cheating" if I post up things any other way. So in the meantime I am open to suggestions. I will share my experiences so far with low-carb/keto/paleo.

The first month was the hardest for me! Everything I read was almost the opposite of what I had learned in my nutrition classes and my nursing classes. The wild thing was it made more sense once I was able to really wrap my head around the science then what I had learned in school. A year and a half ago I took the plunge of literally not looking at calories anymore. The only thing I paid attention to was how many carbs were in my food and what was in the ingredient list. I stopped being afraid of good fat. Yes fat does not make you fat. I repeat FAT does not make you fat. I started consuming what everyone tried to rid us of for how many years now with the "low-fat" diet. I got full faster and felt great! I thought to myself, "How is this even possible to be eating the opposite way they have taught us and lose weight!?". The only answer to that is that someone lied to us. Learn the science behind how your body works Here.

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The idea behind Paleo is just too perfect and not something anyone can really argue with. You want to eat food that you know what it is. REAL food. Food that was grown in the ground without genetic modifications and pesticides. We as people meant well with farming and selling to customers back in the day but that evil green piece of paper got in the way. That piece of paper is still in the way. Money. Greed is a horrible thing. Over industrialization is a horrible thing. The wheat now is not the same as your grandparents, GMO's have taken over...Monsanto has taken over. So what becomes of this new world filled with food that looks like food but will never taste as fresh as non GMO's straight from a farm? Diseases and illnesses. Our bodies do not know what to do with foods that isn't actually from "nature". If we made it in a lab then its not nature. It really disgusts me how much wheat and sugar is in everything. Look at the cafeteria at your children's school...stop looking at the calorie and read how much sugar is in your kids food. They don't need to be eating sugar they need to be eating food that fills them with natural vitamins and minerals. How do you think we as a species have existed this long? It wasn't in a lab. And all these new illnesses and medical conditions is natures way of saying, "survival of the fittest". People are dying when they don't have to be. The crazy thing is once you become aware you are in control of your future and your children's future because you are in charge of what you choose to put in your mouth everyday.

The Facts:

I have been faced with many challenges while on this life journey, BUT the thing that speaks louder then any sugar or gluten ridden foods is the amount of self control and self discipline I have thoroughly established. Not many people can say they trust themselves, and to go to sleep at night being proud of your decisions is something no one can ever take away from you.

I do a complete mix of "diets". I am first gluten free, then sugar free, (which equals lowcarb/keto) then paleo. The reason I am gluten free is because of all of the inflammatory responses my body gets from it. Even if you are not allergic to gluten doesn't mean it doesn't cause negative effects on your body. Look into gluten and the side effects, its not just black and white. Do you have allergens? Sugar just turns to fat so I steer clear of it. I still eat cheese in moderation. I have slowly added fruit back into my foods too...slowly. I only eat fruit once or twice a week. I was and am still extremely sensitive to too much sugar so I try my hardest to only have natural sugars. When I bake/cook I only use liquid stevia  (1tsp=1cup sugar) and erythritol (1/2cup=1cup sugar). Liquid stevia and erythritol does not effect your blood sugar which will not cause disturbances in your weight. I try to feed my body what it is craving at this stage. If I crave a big fat steak, I eat steak. If I feel like something smothered in butter with natural sea salt or hymalian salt, I eat that. I am now letting my body be my guide rather then my mind. In today's day and age everyone wants to sell you something...but your body will tell you what you need after you have cut the crap food out....listen to it. No one call tell you whats best for your body, your body knows best.

In the beginning transitioning away from commercialized bread was tricky. I had cravings like crazy, but to curb the evil effects I got into the habit of learning how to modify regular recipes into what I can eat and still feel incredible with...all without gaining weight. I had a loaf a week ready and that feeling left as fast as is came. As long as you are eating until you are satisfied with enough healthy fats you will not have the addiction of breads and sugars rule your life anymore, you literally detox after a month from the cravings. The way you feel is something that you will be left with making a big decision on whether you stay on a track for your health and wellness, or fall back because you have no self control or self discipline. You are in charge of your life, no one else but you. You can choose what you focus on. Choose wisely.

I hit a wall about 6-9 months in, I was not losing as much weight as I was before, but I still felt great. Don't give up at this point, keep going. I did do random cheats with gluten and sugar, this is what taught me how bad the two are for me. I immediately was covered with the brain fog again, my hip pain would flair up, I would get a headache, my energy levels would drop and I would get the lovely breakouts on my face like a teenager. Some might ask me why I don't do as many cheat now and to be honest its because it takes almost a week for my body to re-normalize. At this point its not worth it, so I chose to feel good instead.

Now after a year and a half I have decided it is time to really start kicking "cardio" up big time after strength training, weight lifting, pilates and yoga. I switch off between all the different types of working out because I get bored very easily. The one thing I make sure is that I am never working out on a sore body. Don't do that, if you are sore that means your body is in repair mode. Eat more protein and wait until you are no longer sore before you choose to workout that muscle again. So why do I have yoga in there? Yoga is excellent for the mind, its challenging in a different way, I just love the way I feel after yoga. And feeling good is where its at. Pilates is just all around total body amazing, its not too much and not too little. Strength training is for targeting or emphasizing more on areas I feel needs work. Weight lifting is for changing that body composition and getting some big weights on my muscles. I do all my workouts at home and really do mix them up a lot. Once I get into a really good routine I will share it with you along with before and after pics.

Eventually you are going to reach a point in your life where you realize that there are only two days in the year where absolutely nothing can be done. Two days you ask? Yes only two days. Yesterday and Tomorrow. Today is here, tomorrow is not and yesterday is gone. Today is the day to love, believe, do and mostly live.

So my advice to you is to look into yourself and first figure out your priorities. We all make up excuses when we just aren't quite ready to take the leap. When you are there you will know. You will have no where to go but up. When that day comes I will still be here for you, where you can find answers and ask questions.

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