Bulletproof Coffee Variation

I am in LOVE with bulletproof coffee for breakfast this week! Bulletproof Diet is pretty dang legit. After listening to the Gluten Summit I didn't know how awesome Dave Asprey really was. I tried the Bulletproof Coffee this past weekend with the amount of fat he suggested and I was blown away. I have done bulletproof before but never like this, I actually blended it and added even more fat which has made a tremendous difference. This week so far I have been using organic coffee for my coffee and adding in my grassfed butter (Kerrygold) and organic extra virgin coconut oil. Here's how I have been making my coffee this week:

Bulletproof Coffee
1 cup of coffee (the actual cup you are using not the measuring cup)
2 Tablespoons grassfed butter (Kerrygold) (can use up to 6 Tablespoons)
2 Tablespoons organic extra virgin coconut oil
If you have MCT oil add it (6x stronger then coconut oil)
5 drops liquid stevia (to sweeten)

Blend together in Vitamix or blender for about 1 minute.
Serve immediately and enjoy your bulletproofness :) You can always add cocoa powder or flavors of your choice to mix it up a bit.

A variation for those of you who don't like coffee could be:

Bulletproof Hot Chocolate
2-3 cups hot unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
2 Tbsp kerrygold grassfed butter
2 Tbsp coconut oil
5 drops liquid stevia
(add some peppermint extract to make it holiday-like)
Blend all of this well in a blender about 1 minute.
Serve and drink while warm.

What an amazing way to start the day! My energy levels are incredible, I am not hungry until about 3pm. Amazing amazing amazing! Yes fat is good for you and yes you need it, just make sure you get your healthy fats in and your bad transfats and fake unnatural fats OUT.

Until next time...


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