Fat, Consume IT!

These are my everyday fats, they are organic and extremely healthy for you. Fats mean satiation, fats mean feeding is good and fats mean survival. I don't care how much you use of these excellent fats if you are gluten free/grain free, low carb and sugar free. Your body fuels off of fats, so eat these and up them as you need because these will give you energy. This is your gasoline. 

Red palm oil is an excellent addition to cooking to add a wonderful flavor. I use this in combination with the organic extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil to fry some of my meats and veggies in. Don't knock it till you try it. 

Last but not least we have MCT oil, it is 6x stronger then coconut oil and keeps your energy high throughout the day. Since you don't need as much and it has no taste it can be a great addition to anything...salad dressings, homemade ice cream, bulletproof coffee, hot chocolate, baking etc. 

These fats above ARE excellent for you. Do not fear them! Eat them everyday and watch your health soar! 

Until next time...


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