Food prepping

Food prepping is really the reality of whether you can be successful or not. The concept of just make doubles for dinner and save the leftovers is far too simple in nature. I find if I don't have a container to put my foods in for lunch then the leftovers end up in an oversized ziplock baggie that may never see the light of day again. 

I found these containers off of Groupon (yes I'm a groupon addict) and they absolutely rock. I'm not going to give off the name of them because I'm positive if you let your fingers do the work you'll find something you love on Amazon or eBay. OR maybe even Groupon again in the future (sorry guys they aren't there anymore). 

Nonetheless find a solution to what to put your leftovers in and BAM your life is so much easier the next day for lunch. Now if your like me, (I do bulletproof coffee in the morning) you will only have to really make one meal a day...well by day 2 that is. You'll have a "real" meal for lunch and dinner. So, moral of my little schpeal today is get some nice containers that allow snack and lunch compartments. You will find yourself closer to your end goal if you do. 

Until next time...


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