My day to day routine right NOW

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Hi! Long time no post! I hope everyone is doing great and haven't fallen off the wagon too much. So recently I get the common question of what do you eat each day and what is my daily routine. As days have progressed through this journey my daily routine varied, however right now I am in a good place with how I feel and think I have finally found my personal niche. Remember this journey is about you personally, how you react to certain foods and how you function best, what works for me might not work as perfect for you but the principal will still apply. Listen to your body if its not a sugar or bread craving give in to it, let it guide you.

So here is my day to day routine right now:

  • Wake up
  • 2 cups water
  • Sometimes I do a 1 tsp salt shot with water depending on how low my carbs have been (if you are under 50g a day you will need to have a total of 5 tsp sea salt, I make sure mine has iodine in it) remember this is optional.
  • Daily vitamins (Multivitamin, Omega-3, Magnesium, Glutamine, Probiotic, COQ10, VitA/D) at a later time I will explain the benefits of all, just know that this is more like packing an umbrella for me, it doesn't rain everyday and getting your vitamins and minerals from your food sources are best but these vitamins are the umbrella for days I slack and don't eat like I need to. No one is perfect so they give me peace of mind.
  • Bulletproof Coffee I do not finish this in one sitting, it takes me on average 3-4 hours to finish the whole thing, go at your own pace. This is normally all I have for breakfast, however if I wake up hungry I will make bacon and eggs.
  • I bring 5 pieces of bacon for a snack, sometimes I eat them sometimes I don't. I choose bacon because it is 0g carbs and a protein, some days you might feel off and this helps me every time to just snack on it if I need to. 
  • 2 cups water in my bottle. Remember to drink your liquids in-between the times you eat. Drink as much water as you want when you aren't eating. When you do eat do not drink liquids, its best for your stomach acid to be able to properly break down your food without all of that water/liquid drowning it out. 
  • I have lunch around 2-3pm It is normally leftover dinner which is always a protein, vegetable and fat.
  • Green tea
  • 2 cups water
  • Dinner- protein, vegetable, fat I eat between 6-7pm
  • Dessert- Get some ice cream or yogurt, or cacao dark chocolate (the lower the carb the better)

  • I always try my best to stop eating food by 8pm

All in all I can say that this routine is been excellent for me so far, my energy levels are awesome throughout the day, I am not starving instead I am satisfied, and I just feel good with it. The amazing thing with eliminating gluten/grains/oats/wheat/corn and sugar/processed foods/artificial foods is how you are able to finally understand your own body, it communicates with you by aches and pains, its telling you something, it doesn't want to be hurting. Our bodies want to function well, they are meant to survive ALOT but you have to give it the proper fuel in order for it to function the way it is designed to.

It doesn't know how to interpret fake, it doesn't know how to interpret too much sugar so it stores fat on your body, it thinks you are preparing for winter, it doesn't know what to do with GMO foods with pesticides gnawing at your intestines (leaky gut) so your body starts attacking itself because food particles should not be entering the blood stream. And we wonder where the inflammation comes from?

Your body wants to defend you, it wants to be well, it wants to operate at top dog level, but you need to get back to basics and listen. Eventually it becomes a health choice over a weight choice, if you want to feel good you will choose to not eat that cake, instead you make some at home that is guilt free, or maybe you indulged and you are bent over in stomach cramps. This is your body's way of once again communicating with you, its just your choice on whether you listen or not.

In all honesty at the end of it all it will turn out to be "the survival of the fittest", some will get it some will not. This is a lifestyle, a lifestyle to choose to feel good, to not get sick as often, to prevent diseases, to prevent brain disorders, to truly function the way we were meant to. I am so proud of those of you already on this path, those of you curious, and those of you just hopping on board. This is the best decision you will ever make in your whole life.

Until next time...


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