Every Kitchen Must Have

Just starting out? Need a grocery list? Try this! 

Grocery must haves:

     Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Costco)
     Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Costco)
     Grassfed Butter (Costco)

Snacks (fats):
     Macadamia Nuts (Costco)
     Pistachios (Costco)
     Almonds (Costco) ~check to make sure gluten free

     Unsweetned Coconut Milk (Sprouts)
     Unsweetened Almond Milk (Sprouts)
     Zevia Soda (Sprouts)
     Bai5 (Costco)

     Nitrate free bacon (Sprouts) ~unless you want pocket bacon, that’s from Costco
     Gluten free organic breakfast sausage (Sprouts)
     Organic chicken (Costco)~buy in bulk and freeze it
     Organic ground beef (Costco)~buy in bulk and freeze it

     Red wine vinegar (Sprouts)
     Balsamic vinegar (Costco)
     Garlic powder (Costco)
     Onion powder (Costco)
     Iodized sea salt (Sprouts)
     Pink Himalayan Salt (Costco)
     Liquid stevia (Sprouts)
     Erythritol or Xylitol (Sprouts or Amazon)

     Organic Zucchini (Sprouts)
     Organic Broccoli (Sprouts)
     Organic Cauliflower (Sprouts)
     Organic cucumber (Sprouts)
     Organic red onion (Sprouts)

     Organic mixed salad pack (Sprouts)

Everything in red is for Costco, the rest can be purchased from your local natural market or farmers market if you do not have a Sprouts near you. Copy paste the list above to print out so you can check the list off as you go! 

Until Next Time....


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