How much protein should I eat?

You'd  like to know exactly how much protein you need? This is a pretty loaded question because of the variables that can vary from person to person. 

When thinking about how much protein you should be consuming think about this first: 

How is your energy expenditure from today and yesterday? 

Are you working out? What exactly does your "working out" entail?

How much protein we need each day depends on what we did yesterday. If you just lifted weights for your workout yesterday then today your body is in recovery mode which means you need to eat more protein to properly build those muscles (yesterday you just ripped myocin heads off) you need protein for proper growth and repair. 

If you simply made your heart pump by your "workout" then upping your protein is not as crucial since your muscles do not need to repair. Just pumping the heart will increase your blood flow and appetite, so don't forget to keep your healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter) high to curb that fearce carb crave. And if you can't help it then eat those veggies smothered in a healthy fat to kill two birds with one stone. 

But how much protein do I need? 
It really depends on you. I stopped calculating and started really listening to my body. If you are hungry you probably need more protein. Fill up on protein (meats) before chowing down on your carbs (vegetables). By filling up on protein your body is able to communicate and tell you when you've had enough. I'm not talking about over gorging yourself here people, just eat protein until you are full, but completely fill up on your vegetables. Think of your stomach as a balloon, fill up the majority of that ballon with protein air  and with the vegetables air (preferably smothered in healthy fats). You will find the amount of protein you consume vary each day if you let your body be your guide. We exude energy differently each day so unless your a robot and you really like to calculate everything your body is never going to always run off of calculated grams. 

I can tell you the bare minimum of protein a day should be a "steak" the size of the palm of your hand. Each hand is a different size so just gauge it on your personal hand. Somedays you will just be hungrier and on these days you need to really pay attention to filling up on protein first. Unless you are a body builder or trying to bulk up you shouldnt be eating more then 1/2 your ideal (what weight you want to be at) body weight in protein grams. So basically your "happy place" in calculating would be between the palm of your hand and 1/2 your body weight in protein grams for the majority of us. Higher protein on repair days for you weight lifters...your body needs proper fuel to recover.

The amazing thing of letting your body be your guide is that it will never let you down, you just have to properly listen. Remember though that if your energy is low and you find yourself on the sluggish side then you really need to up your fats (coconut oil, olive oil, grassfed butter). Minimum 1/4 cup fats a day. When you up your fats you are satisfied and energy levels soar. 

Does this mean I will be eating a high protein diet? Absolutely not and absolutely! It depends on your day, what you did yesterday and what you plan on doing tomorrow. 

We are not designed to over complicate things, our body does everything automatically. You have to have faith that your body knows what it's doing, it knows better then I knows better because it's your just have to listen to it. 

Until next time...


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