Yes, I Gained Weight On Low Carb

My dog Burger and I being lazy

As the title states I have officially gained weight on low carb and I am not happy at all about this. I began looking very closely at any day to day changes I have made, I looked back at pictures and realized this may have happened long before I just started noticing it now. Its warmer so I'm wearing clothes that I can see more with, I am not happy with what I am seeing. So what the heck happened? What changed?

Novemember 2013 I started doing bulletproof coffee in the morning, I began intermittent fasting until 2pm with the consumption of bulletproof coffee for breakfast and finishing it slowly in the mid morning. I was stoked on finding this idea for breakfast because well....I get lazy in the morning and I loved the easy alternative to breakfast. I thought it was doing wonders for me...but apparently I was wrong.

I was having 3 tablespoons coconut oil and 3 tablespoons kerrygold grassfed butter in the morning with my coffee. I had great energy and I felt good, but I think the unexpected happened....I didn't burn all of the fat I was consuming as energy and I started gaining weight.

Since I switched my focus to fats and over consumption of fats, thinking being in a "bulletproof" coffee fast state was best I lost calculation of the most important thing on low carb...PROTEIN. My protein was at the bare minimum, it was probably worse then that. I did have random cheats and carb ups as well. Being in the maintenance stage of low carb you begin to think you are invincible and NO you are not.

My physical activity was less then it has been in a long time and yes the combination of all of this caused me to gain weight. Shorts that were loose are now tight and cellulite I had mildly is now rearing its ugly head and is full blown. No, not happy at all.

So what am I going to do about all this?

I thought to myself, maybe low carb just isnt for me anymore? Maybe I hit a plateau? Maybe I damaged my metabolism?

But before I throw a towel in on the thing that has changed my life I decided to look closely at what makes low carb work so well.


Protein is essential! I stopped my focus of protein and turned it to fat, too much fat, and because of this I gained weight.

So this is my new gameplan:

  • Lowcarb (under 50g carbs each day).
  • Gluten Free/Grain Free/Oat Free.
  • Sugar Free/Artificial Sweetner Free.
  • A MINIMUM OF 100g protein a day.
  • Coconut oil/Grassfed butter/Olive oil to satiate me but not overdo it.
  • Watch carefully how many nuts are consumed, only eat occasionally.
  • Limit over consumption of cheese, just don't get full on it.
  • Incorporate protein shakes and quest bars again.

So its really not that different except for the fact that I will be eating breakfasts again and I will be adding protein and quest bars to the mix.

Bye bye bulletproof coffee breakfasts.

I will post my success or failures with this technique in about a month or so. Until then follow me on FB for more up to date things

Until next time.....


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