I've had some questions about caffeine, so I wanted to take the time to answer some common questions I have been receiving.

Do you drink coffee?
I used to drink "bulletproof coffee" everyday until I changed things up a bit (HERE). I was never a coffee drinker growing up, but actually developed the curiosity into what all the fuss was about. So I began drinking coffee regularly in the morning. After being introduced to Dave Aspreys Bulletproof coffee last year (adding coconut oil and grassfed butter to your coffee) I was excited to try this as a substitution for breakfast on certain days. (we all get lazy, easy sounds too appealing sometimes). I found myself crashing hard after eating lunch and the rest of the day my energy was still low. I would however have my "second wind" once the sun went down. I was extremely frustrated with the way I felt so I decided to make a change and cut caffeinated coffee out completely. The week off of coffee and the headache withdrawals are horrible but now I really do feel much better without it. So, I drink decaff coffee but not regular. The nice part about this is I don't have to wake-up every day and HAVE to have my coffee anymore. It really feels good not having the caffeine bug rule my life anymore.

Do you drink tea?
I used to drink tea everyday! Caffeinated tea! So, I would have my coffee high mixed with an ongoing tea caffeine high. No wonder I was crashing in the afternoons. Now I stick to only one yogi tea bag from time to time caffeinated or not.

Do you still eat chocolate?
I seldom do anymore, I have my Isopure dutch chocolate protein shakes a few times a week but rarely chocolate pieces. This doesn't mean you cant have chocolate, the higher the % of cacao the better, and the lower carb the better. I just personally steer clear of it because my sweet tooth can be re-awoken at almost any moment. At times I do also cook with unsweetened cocoa powder too, its just not an everyday thing. Basically my world does not revolve around chocolate and it doesn't bother me anymore.

So, why don't you drink caffeine anymore?
I don't like relying on a substance to perk me up if I need energy. If I am feeling tired maybe I didn't eat the right things for the day or maybe I need to just let my body relax because I've worked it too hard. Our body communicates with us all the time its just a matter of how we listen to it or not. When you remove substances that our body can get addicted to the communication between the body and mind becomes clearer. You can listen and you can learn from yourself.

What can I have if I need energy?
FAT! If you are detoxed from caffine and you need a pick me up then you need to eat something with healthy fats in it. Coconut oil (shown below) is one of the best ways to get your energy up and roaring again. If you cant figure out a way to consume it try the pills, take 2 at a time. The effects should happen in less than 30 minutes.

So, your never going to drink caffeine again?
No, not never, I will have it occasionally. I just don't want my body to have to rely on it, that's why I've removed it. So, I might have it from time to time but nothing regular anymore. 

How do you suggest cutting caffeine out?
I suggest cutting it out cold turkey. Start it on a long weekend so hopefully you are detoxed by the time you have to return to work. 

Aren't the withdrawals bad?
My headaches were intense, but they lessened after a few days. It can sometimes take up to a week. The bigger idea here is not having to have something. Just like starting low carb or keto there is an introductory stage but it gets better and it is worth it. 

Good for you, but I cant cut caffeine out. Now what?
Try to limit the amount that you consume. Don't have caffeine past 2pm, it doesn't help with sleep at all, Without proper sleep we don't repair, and if we don't repair we look older and feel older. 

Do you have any suggestions for getting to sleep better?
Stop drinking water 1-2 hours before you plan to go to bed, stretch and unwind an hour before. Stop watching TV or fiddling with your phone at least an hour before bedtime too. And the biggest solution to sleep problems is Magnesium. Check your magnesium. Most people are too low in it. I take Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium at night, it helps immensely. 

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