Does that sweet tooth of yours jump up and down at the simple glance of a dessert? That piece of cake with frosting, that warm cookie fresh out of the oven, the blueberry breakfast muffin, that cheese danish, the candy bar from the vending machine? The thought of a warm hot molten lava cake with cold ice cream on top has literally made your sweet tooth dance so wildly your looking at how to get something sweet NOW and FAST? You may need to detox away from sweeteners of all kinds for at least a month to tame that hyper beast.

Included in my new way of eating/doing/being (HERE) this last month and a half I have cut out all forms of sweeteners. This does include my favorite erythritol/xylitol and liquid stevia. I found myself needing more and more sweeteners as time went on. At first a few drops of liquid stevia in my coffee would be enough for me, that more than doubled this past year. See more about caffeine HERE.

There's not many things I need sweetened now except for my salad dressings, so instead of sweetening it with liquid stevia I have been adding one strawberry or fruit piece of my liking for the flavor. The little trace amount of carbs in the real fruit has more health benefits than something with zero calories, zero carbs and no nutritional benefit.

Some of us are so sensitive to anything "sweet" that our body will still react as it would with real sugar. You will know if you are one of the sensitive ones because you will find your sweet tooth coming back even though you are eating low carb. At this point you will need to look at all of the fake sugar sweeteners you are using in your foods.

Bye bye erythritol/xylitol. liquid stevia, zevia sodas and bai5. Once again these things can be consumed randomly after a month of detox but not daily if you are like me with a bad sweet tooth. You need to reboot the body so you begin really tasting the food again.

I used to have liquid stevia in my coffee in the morning, a bai5 at work and tea sweetened with liquid stevia daily. Now I can actually drink decaf coffee with heavy cream and no sweetener and be okay with it! I never thought that was even possible! The only sweet thing I do consume is my Isopure low/zerocarb protein powder a few times a week besides the random fruit peice in my salad dressings. Cravings? What cravings? They are gone, no longer there!

So, if you feel like you need to reboot your sweet tooth hop on board and go cold turkey. Reintroduce "sweeteners" slowly and only a small amount. At that point you'll be able to figure out if you need it as much as you needed it before.

Give it at least a month of tapering down if you feel like detoxing from sweets. It will help your cravings and in turn help you on your goal towards weight loss and a healthier self.

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