3/26/15 Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been away so long, life happened yet again. I have still been strong with low carb, gluten free and trying to be as organic as possible. I have kicked back up doing bulletproof coffee in the morning again because, well, I have been lazy because life has been so crazy. BUT it has not given me any kind of negative effect as I thought it was doing before. So here's a little preview into my day of food:

I wake up and have:

1-2 cups of water
1tsp iodized sea salt mixed with 1/2 cup water as a "shot"
followed by my daily vitamins (curcumin, omega-3, vitamin D, calcium, iron supplement)


Bulletproof Coffee
3 cups of coffee
1-2 tablespoons organic extra virgin coconut oil
2 tablespoons kerrygold grassfed butter
blend away in my vitamix

This holds me off for a few hours, I have found it holds me off longer the better I ate the night before for dinner, so remember that if you seem to get hungrier with going bulletproof.


1 scoop isopure dutch chocolate
1 cup coffee or coconut milk
blend away in my vitamix


A handful of mixed nuts
Organic fruit squeeze pouch

Some days I have this some days I don't I listen to my body, I do have hungrier days and on those days trust me I don't starve myself but I don't binge either.

Detox tea:

2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar
3 cups hot water
tea of choice
3 drops liquid stevia


Chicken or meat baked or pan fried in olive oil and butter or grilled
a salad with homemade salad dressing
a vegetable with kerrygold grassfed butter


Sugar free vanilla coconut milk ice cream

Sometimes I have this sometimes I don't.

I try my hardest to consume as much water as I can throughout the day as well, its amazing how horrible you can feel from just not drinking enough water. So there you have it, this has been what I have been doing for sometime now. I do carb up every 1-2 weeks with something gluten free for one meal too. I am going to re kick up workouts again so I will be modifying this again, this works for me by just being basically, meaning I am not running or doing crazy workouts with this, its just getting by when life gets hectic.

So there you have it! Keep an eye out, I have new stuff coming out very soon for all of you!

Until next time...


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