Ovarian Cysts

These last few years I am having an issue with developing Ovarian Cysts. Last year (ironically same time) I had issues similar to a burst appendix, unfortunately, they were unable to fully diagnose me on those symptoms, but months later found an ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. Most cysts and fibroids are not something detectable until an ultrasound is performed meaning they are pretty much just there, you won't know until they do the diagnostics. This is exactly what happened in my situation. My current cyst that they found this year after going to the ER for similar pain as last year (I am still not ruling out the possibility of an appendicitis) lead them to find a 12cm complex septated hemorrhagic right ovarian cyst.

Now before I dive too deep into what has worked for me I want to fully disclose that it is very important in any home treatment regime that you do get follow up diagnostics that confirms the cyst/growth has self-resolved or shrunk in size.

Lets get right to it.

Last year I immediately hopped on the candida diet and started taking oregano oil pills, fibro deffense, and caprylic acid supplements. The candida diet rids your body of excess yeast, oregano oil pills are a natural form of antibiotic, fibro defense helps with shrinking fibroids and helping the reproductive system and caprylic acid helps kill the excess yeast. No alcohol, no caffeine. This method last year worked and I was 1000% dedicated to it for about 6 months.

Fast forward to this year. I do believe the excess estrogen, excess stress and overall lack of happy thoughts and instead brewing on negative stuff created this 12cm one in a matter of 7 months. I am now currently following a plant based (modified) diet. I am consuming organic plant based protein as well as collagen protein for protein each day and eating as much vegetables with butter and avocado oil as I please. Fruits in moderation. Macadamia nuts and coconut flakes in there too.

Both years, last year and this year these are the Golden Must's:


I also am taking DIM, Maca and Fibro Defense again this time around.

What you think about you bring about.....the thoughts we have literally affects us on a cellular level so it's important to eat sleep and be positive. We heal faster this way, we stay healthy this way and we keep looking younger this way. Set 3 reminders a day or alarms a day, and ask yourself "why is my life so wonderful today?" and come up with an answer each time. The body is designed to heal itself IF given the right tools.

I will have a follow-up ultrasound at the end of July 2017 so I will give an update into my diagnostic progress with this cyst. BUT I will say, so far no more pain, my belly is flat again and I feel so much better. Once I get the results in July I will give exact details that I did to help get rid of my ovarian cyst. Until then if you also have a cyst try eliminating the golden musts and add in some estrogen reducing supplements as well, at the very least it should make you feel better in a months time.

Until Next Time...


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