How To Be Attractive To Women

I am glad you have decided to learn what to do before doing what you shouldn't do. Learn learn learn and read read read. There are so many good things to learn about before getting out there. Here is a list of 10 things I have put together on how to be attractive to women. Its always better to have options right? Here is how. 

1. Care about your body and how you look. What people see is the first impression, look the way you want to be perceived. You don't have to be stuck up about it but don't wake up and stay looking like you crawled out of a hole all day long. You want to be a chick magnet, don't repel her. That being said have good hygiene, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, if your teeth are yellow, bleach them, do your hair, have clean clothes on, make sure no zits are saying hello, look in the mirror. Don't be vain, but care. Workout, care about how you look, be proud of yourself first. 

2. Have your own style and be confident about it. Don't wear clothes because its cool, wear it because it makes you look even better, what flatters you? Wear that, sport that, be that. The most attractive people are the ones that have their own style, the thing that makes you you. What makes you YOU? Figure it out and paint the world with it.

3. Be funny, read jokes, learn them. Make her laugh. If you can make her laugh you created an emotion, this is the first step. Be able to laugh at yourself when you need to, life really isn't that serious. Be confident enough to brush it off when you need to.

4. Be confident, if your not confident fake it. Eventually you will rub off on yourself. Be happy, if your not happy fake it, the people your "happy" towards will reciprocate your joy and in turn will make you happy. Do you want to approach a grouch? Be approachable, don't be cocky and do not be creepy/moody. If your an angry person go to counseling, no one likes to be around that. Find the happy medium. 

5. Have a hobby, the girl isn't going to be your only entertainment, what are you going to be able to talk about? Find something you love doing and do it in your free time, it will make you feel good and also be able to give you something to talk about in those awkward silent moments that us girls hate. Get active find a hobby that you can do with her and that makes your body even sexier. 

6. Learn how to dance, this doesn't make you homo boys, this makes you have something that most guys don't. This makes you different and fun. Learn the counts of 8 in each song, learn rhythm. You can teach yourself anything if you really want it bad enough. Check out YouTube there are plenty of how to videos, make sure you weed through the bad ones though. If you can dance good, you have rhythm, if you have rhythm with your body it is beneficial not just on the dance floor. Think Dirty Dancing. If you haven't seen it watch it.

7. Learn how to cook, you can really swoon her with a nice meal. Most men do not know their way around the kitchen let alone the grocery store. Learn how to cook, find a special dish you love and show it off to her. Make her feel special. Google whatever you need, its a great tool if you use it the right way. 

8. Learn how to fix things, you do not have to be a pro, but a man that knows how to take charge of a situation, help, and make it better is extremely sexy. If she needs you, your going to definitely be wanted. And if your wanted shes going to keep you around. 

9. Learn how to communicate effectively. Relationships cannot happen without communication and most relationships and marriages fail because of communication problems. Learn how to talk, be empathetic, ask questions, and learn more about her then what she looks like. Silence is NOT okay, we are social creatures we need to be able to talk and get along with each other, smile, laugh, be goofy, have a good time. 

10. Chivalry is not dead, prove it. You don't have to always kiss her arse, but if you want to be attractive to women you need to know how to get her attention. Open the door for her, help her carry heavy things, give her your jacket when she is cold, pull her chair out at dinner. Buy her flowers or things she likes, get to know who is she is and do things she likes. Treat her like a lady and she will treat you like a Man. 

These are just a few steps to get you on your way to finding a quality woman. There is always exceptions to the rule, women can be gold diggers, users and abusers. Be wise on who you choose. This is where your own confidence slips back into play. You really need to know: 
who you are
what you want out of life, 
what makes you happy, and 
what you will not tolerate 
before attempting the game. Your heart might get crushed if you don't, it might get crushed if you do, that's the crazy thing about life, there are no guarantees. But one thing is for sure its better to live your life then wish you did. 

Get out there and LIVE it!

Have fun!

Thank you for reading! Any questions please comment below :)

Get Informed.


  1. What's the age cut-off on this? I think I am too old for any of this to make a diff. Mick

  2. Never to late. Check out my most recent blog. Watch the video. Really incredible life changing information.


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