Scentsy VS Better Homes and Garden Wax Cubes

If you haven't heard of Scentsy yet you probably shouldn't be reading this Blog. The Scentsy catalogs float from businesses to Schools basically anywhere where people can order and purchase the smell goodness. I have contemplated purchasing the Scentsy and the warmer every holiday season the catalog floats around. I also hear people boasting about the smells, how long it lasts for and how its kid friendly. I just never got around to purchasing the Scentsy but this holiday season while at Walmart I noticed the Better Homes and Gardens warmer and wax cubes at a steal of a price. Literally half of what Scentsy charges, and on top of it all no shipping charges. I had to buy it. I purchased 3 different wax cube sets and one warmer. I was amazed at my purchase! Cheap cubes of wax and it filled up the whole house, even wifted outside too.

In my comparisons, I have friends that sell Scentsy and nothing against them and the business, but I will not be purchasing from them as long as I can save at least half off by buying at Walmart. We all need to save a buck these days. The one advantage that Scentsy does have over the Better Homes and Gardens is its variety of smells, the variety is off the chart, and you have many options of warmers as well. Depending on how picky you are or which way your nose wanders you may find yourself taking the Scentsy route.

Last year from Orange County all the way down to the Mexican Border and inland to Arizona we had a massive blackout. In the midst of the 12 hour blackout I stumbled around for candles, flashlights, matches, and my sole source of information, the battery operated radio. In the midst of shoving fresh bough ice into our freezer and refridgerator, filling up our bathtub with water in the event fresh water were to run out I thought to myself, "I'm so glad I never bought a Sentsy." My reasoning behind this was pretty apparent, nothing that plugged in was any help to me at all then. I think its smart to have a set of candles for emergency's and always have a just in case kit, just in case.

Moral of my little story is, if you want to save a buck go to Walmart for your scented wax cubes, if you want variety go with Scentsy and don't ever throw out your candles in place for the Better Homes and Gardens or Scentsy, be smart, save the environment too and buy some candles that you can use in those scary moments we all are frightened of but should definitely be prepared for.
Get Informed.