Happy Birthday March 6th

Happy Birthday to me! Today March 6th 2012 I turned 29! 

Some might ask, do you feel older and wiser
The answer is no to older, wiser, well that's an every day learning experience to create such wisdom, never ending if you ask me.

Aging is really crazy. I mentally still feel like I am 16, like I just received my drivers license and the world is mine to chase. When I look at myself in the mirror I do not envision someone much older then that. 

Will that ever change? 

Does life just pass by and we still think the same way, have the same perverted teenager thoughts, but put on this "adult" facade and look in the mirror and stop recognizing who we are? 

"Adult", what does that even mean. To someone young it means someone old and responsible and someone that doesn't know how to have much fun, or at least that's what I thought. There are different individuals out there though, some people are just boring people and I think they start acting like an adult way too early. Some are old souls, I have been called that, "Oh your such an old soul", I think its important to know when to turn on and off switches. When to turn on your intellectual side, and when to turn on your lets have fun and be a dork side. 

I think that people start aging faster then they really should when they start taking life too seriously. We only have one life, live it up, make stories you can tell your grandchildren, be proud of who you're becoming and have no regrets. But who am I to say, I'm only 29. 

This year I want to face the things I have been afraid of facing, I want to live life more then I have been living. I want to smile and laugh more then I have been laughing, and I want to embrace my health by the balls and never let go so that I can continue to feel as awesome as I have been feeling this past week. 

May this year be filled with joy and laughter and may I share it with positive influential people that help me become more of the person I want to be. Happy Birthday to me :)
Thank you to anyone taking to time to read the words that I have been writing I am nearing over 2000 views! Incredible! I hope I am able to help or at least inspire you to look outside of the box. Thanks again :)