Judgemental People

His silly face and positive reaction to me is what makes me love him so dang much :)

What is it with some people, honestly? What gives some people the bubble of toxic air they exhale each time they speak. Is the root of it the possibility that they are simply unhappy with themselves so they choose to bring others down with them because the concept of happiness is too far off in the distance? It's very hard to find a solution on how to deal with these mentally toxic people. To engage them is to empower them, to ignore is to empower so what is the answer? My favorite learning and teaching strategy to people is the live by example technique. It's easy to talk the talk but to walk the walk takes great understanding that far surpasses the subdued mind of the Judgemental person. Live by example, what a concept. Rather then engaging the negativity with the outcome unknown turn your cheek in a direction that benefits your life and naturally proves your point better then words could ever do. When someone's rotten words are as foul as a Saturday dump a simple, "watch and you'll see" will suffice.

 Don't let others negativity impact you even though they might be omitting more then one could ever bear. Find the personal strength inside you and focus on how to keep that pilot lit. Ideally at the end of the day if you are happy with the choices and decisions you have made you are pretty much golden. It doesn't matter your position, your paycheck, the car you drive, the house you live in, what does matter is how you treat others and how they remember you.

To be remembered as someone worth remembering is worthwhile in itself. So let it roll off your back like water off a ducks back and smile. It's your best weapon yet.