The Lost or Forgotten (Poem)

I find myself writing poetry from time to time to express my feelings and self counsel myself through some things I allow myself to keep bothering me. Here is my latest and greatest poem. As all poems they are open to personal interpretation. I hope you enjoy it :)

The Lost or Forgotten
(Cyrena Jacoby 2012)

You have not turned to ashes
You have not blended into shade
You have touched me
And those memories will not fade
When the day feels empty you are not by my side
I remember the past feelings I had inside
It is not right or is it at all
You cannot help it when you fall
What’s done is done it can’t be glued
But I can’t but remember the times I was moved
Relationships rise and relationships fall
I won’t forget you my heart will stay open and all
When reality sets in and my feet stop floating
I realize it’s was you that did all the gloating
Time sets forward and the clock has changed
At times I feel completely enraged
I am not pushing thoughts of romance yet a simple memory
It feeds inside me the unknown keeps haunting me
Once was hidden in the shade unable to speak
These words I now do not seek
As age sets in and time fly’s by
I cannot help but wonder why
Inside this heart inside this mind
Something’s I will just never find
When lost or forgotten feelings never change
Reality sets in and I forgot to gauge
The person you have become is no longer true
To the person I hold dearly amongst the few
With growth and time I finally see
I am the only one still haunting me
It is my choice to feel this way
I guess it’s time for you to leave this day
If future holds a path in which we cross
Its best to keep moving forward so we don’t get lost
A special place inside me is where you’ll stay
Even though we are no longer the same way