Sexy Arm Workout

If you want to get rid of your arm flap its best to workout your triceps, but even better then pinpointing one specific part is to target all of your arms for an all around good look.

I started up this arm workout this last week. I have completed 5 workouts so far. I am loving this circuit. I continue onto each workout without a break in between. I am using 8 pound weights. 10 reps each arm exercise 3 times around. After just 5 workouts I am noticing my arms are much stronger. I can do big boy push ups now with no problem at all. I'll post after pictures when the time comes. The dumbbell cross jab is my favorite exercise of the circuit, I get all into it like I am punching someone, very stress relieving!

This workout takes no time at all and gets to the point. Try it out for a month, see how it works for you!

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