Yoga for a Beautiful Body

I found this from a magazine, I think it was Self Magazine 2 years ago. I found it just recently and decided to kick my stretching and yoga back up into gear. The sense of self that comes from yoga is unparalleled. You gain balance, get toned and get confident in yourself along the way. This is my routine I have been doing the last 2 weeks. I try and run through the whole series at least once. They recommend here that you run through this 3-5 times (doing both sides) while breathing in and out deeply for 5 breaths. I do one set after doing any cardio or any exercise, I have been using this as my cool down and it works incredibly! Try this with me! 

There are 10 poses, hold each for 5 breaths....
Ready Set! Lets go!
 Sit as deep as you can with your legs touching, knees touching, ankles touching, raise your arms over head and have your arms up by your ears, hold your hands together. Breathe deeply in and out for 5 breaths, stand up and continue onto the 2nd pose.
 Lunge back, make sure your knee and ankle are in a straight line, do not hyper extend anything. Keep your hand placement the same as first pose. Hold for 5 breaths and switch legs, hold for 5 breaths and move onto pose 3.
 Begin in plank and then slide back into downward dog, try to keep your feet flat on the groud but if you cannot its okay. Push the ground down with your palms allowing your back of your legs, arms and back to get a nice stretch. Hold for 5 breaths, move to pose 4.
 Hold plank position for 5 breaths, concentrate and lower to the ground. From the ground only raise slightly. Make sure you look like her in the picture. You only need to hold this tricky one for 1 breath.
 Stretch out in upward dog, I hold this position for 5 breaths because it is such a nice stretch. Move onto pose 7.
 Lunge backwards and rest elbow on opposite knee, go into a sideways "pray" position. Hold for 5 breaths, switch legs. Move onto pose 8.
 Begin Half moon by touching your toes, place one hand on the floor and raise one leg behind you. Hold this pose for 5 breaths, switch arms. Now switch legs, each pose being held for 5 breaths.
 This is the last pose. Begin this pose by touching your toes, place hand on ground in front of you and extend your leg as far up and back as it can go. Hold for 5 breaths, repeat on opposite side. If you cannot get your leg up as high as her it doesn't matter, this is something to work towards. Each time you do this series you will get better and more advanced.

These are 4 perks to striking a pose: fewer migraines, hotter sex, deeper Zzz's and less back pain.

Get Informed!