Questions and Answers

Print this out, refer to often on days you feel a little "off" make sure you do these things to feel your best! 

Have you had those days when you wake up and you just do not feel good? Your energy levels are low, your muscles feel sore, you just don't feel right. I am going to put together some questions with answers below that might help you on these kinds of days. Remember you have to eat enough protein to maintain your body weight, which is essentially 1/2 your body weight in grams. You should be smothering everything in your healthy fats and if you are under 50g a day you must keep your salts up. Veggies, eat them as you please. Fruit, eat at your own will. The first question to answer all of these questions will be what have you eaten today.

I have a headache, what should I do?
What have you eaten? Was it a food trigger? Have you had enough salt today if under 50g a day? If not take a salt shot. How much fat have you had today? Take a coconut oil shot (1 spoonful). Do you regularly have caffeine  It could be a caffeine headache. Have a cup of coffee. Females can have hormonal headaches that will not go away unless you take something. Yes you can take something. Omega-3 in high doses is anti-inflammatory, you can take up to 5000mg 2 times a day for inflammation. Ibuprofen can also be used as well. Is it a tension headache? They reside in your neck muscles. Stretch your neck in all directions and hold for 5 deep breaths. If its a really bad headache do all of the above. Your headache will go away.

I feel weak, my energy is really low, what should I do?
What have you eaten today? How much fats have you eaten? We get our energy from fats, if your energy is low you need to eat more fats. Have some nuts, eat an avocado, have some vegetables smothered in coconut oil or butter. Make sure your salt intake is right too. Low salt levels can deplete your energy. Drink lots of water. Are you eating at least 2 full meals a day? You need to have 2 "man" sized meals a day unless you are purposely fasting. Evaluate what you have eaten. Make sure you are eating protein, fat and your veggies.

I have leg cramps, what do I do?
Leg cramps are associated directly with your muscles. For a muscle to contract it needs enough sodium and calcium. If you are under 50g carbs a day you need to keep your salt intake up. If you are working out you need to keep your calcium up to 1000mg a day. Potassium is also a contributing factor, but without the proper levels of sodium and calcium eating potassium will not help you. An avocado has more potassium then a banana. Have a avocado. Salt, Calcium, Potassium the answer to your leg cramps.

I stopped loosing weight, what do I do?
How many meals a day are you eating? Are you starving yourself? Are you eating at least 2 meals a day? 2 man sized meals? Are you eating enough protein to maintain your body weight? Take your weight and divide by 2 that should be how much protein you have each day. You need to get your vitamins and minerals in, the essential ones. Is your multi-vitamin giving you the proper amounts of all the nutrients you need? Are you eating enough vegetables to give you your vitamins and minerals? If you are giving yourself all the things it needs it will preform the best and will give you the results you want. Fine tooth comb what you have been doing and see if you need to modify it up.

How much Protein powder is too much?
I would not supplement real protein with powdered protein more then 4 days a week. You need real food, our body responds best to real food. Protein in excess can turn to fat, but not enough can make you feel horrid too, there is a perfect amount that you will feel best with. Powder is fast acting, protein from meats takes longer to digest.

How much fat is too much?
I have not found myself over indulging in fat and finding it makes me fat. The awesome thing about fat is how satiating it is. You get full fast when you eat fats. My favorite example is eating guacamole from 3 avocados. 3 avocados filled up 3 people. We had it with cheese chips. The fats made us not eat as much because we got full so fast. Its the absolute opposite of the teachings we have all been taught. So if you are craving a piece of cheese then have it! If you want to smother your veggies in butter do it. Your body is telling you you need fats. Listen to your body it does know best.

How much water should I drink?
You need water! Drink as much as you are thirsty for. You want to urinate at least 4-5 times a day. Start your day off with 2 full glasses of water before you put anything else in your mouth. Then drink water as you are thirsty. I have water and coffee for the day. You can add a lemon slice to your water, some mint, a slice of lime, whatever you desire. The more water you drink the healthier and glowier your skin will appear, and you will get a nice little "detox" in the midst of it all.

Why do you say no fruit?
I have a very negative effect to sugar. I love fruit, but my body reacts pretty negative to it. I get hungry, moody, and break out. We are all sensitive to different things, but for me fruit is sugar. Any carb is a sugar. Some carbs are fast acting others are slow acting. Fruits are fast acting, vegetables are not. Have fruit in moderation. You need protein and fats and your vitamins and minerals, just be smart about how you intend to get it all in without having negative side effects OR going over the carb count you personally set for yourself.

What are these cheat days you keep taking about?
I choose to eat foods higher in carbs on the weekends to "carb up" since I started working out. I want to make sure my body has all the nutrients it needs. Some suggestions I have for cheats are:
Sweet Potato (fries, potato etc)
Fruits (this is your time to carb yup, pick and choose which one you want)
Nothing with gluten or gliadin.
I haven't ventured in this "cheat" too much so this is all I have tried so far.

How much do you workout?
Right now I am trying to do yoga 3 times a week, arms 3 times a week, sprint 2 times a week and do intense leg/lower body at least once a week. Remember to allow your body to recover between workouts. If you are sore do NOT workout, you are only making it worse for you. Our muscles get bigger during recovery, not when we workout. When we workout we rip the muscles, they grow bigger during recovery. Recovery is when you need to pay extra close attention to what you are eating, feed yourself the right things. You will get the results you want faster if you do.

What do you think about cardio?
We need to move, be active to be healthy. If you cannot find a way to move around more, park your car farther away from the door you want to enter, take a walk around the block, move, then you may need to do cardio. We are not put here on earth to sit on our butt. We have legs for a reason, we have arms for a reason. If you do not use them then your body is not going to look the way you want. You will look like what you do most of the day. Think about that and make a decision on what you want to look like. Cardio or no cardio, you need to be active.

  • Eat enough protein to maintain your body weight each day
  • Fat is your energy, have as much as you want to satiate you.
  • Veggies give you your vitamins and minerals eat them as you please
  • To lose weight stay under 50g carbs a day until desired weight is achieved. To maintain your current weight 50-130g max carbs daily. 
  • Allow yourself carb up days as "cheat days" but try to steer clear of gluten and sugar. 
  • Fruit, eat if you dare. 
  • Don't forget to make sure you are getting all of the daily rec commended doses of your vitamins and minerals. Not all multi-vitamins have everything you need. Do your homework, your health is worth it. 

Until next time...