Workout: Target lower body

Today I decided to throw together some specific moves targeted towards the butt and lower body. I finished off this routine with my yoga sequence followed by my arm sequence. All and all this was a good workout. Takes less then 30 minutes to complete and is to the point. Here we go lets do this!

Warm up stretch first. Toe touch, hold each stretch for 5 breaths, stretch as much as you feel like you need to. Just feel good and ready. Ok lets go!

We will do 2 sets starting off for the first attempt of this, after that you can do 3 and even 4 rounds, depending on your fitness level. Beginners lets just do 2 sets starting off.

16 Jump Squats 
(dip as low as you can, butt just hovering the ground and bound up in a jump, return to start)
16 Weighted Dead Lifts
(I used 60 pounds, straight back, feet hip distance apart, bend at waist keep your back straight until you are in a L position with hands hovering over the ground, return to start hands at thighs. Repeat.)
16 Crossover Lunges
(cross one leg over the other when stepping to the right like a curtsy, lunge down, return to starting position and then cross one leg over stepping to the left, repeat until done)
16 Weighted Hip Thrusts
(place weight on lower abdomen while in a sit up position. Feet flat on the floor, knees bent, head flat on the floor, arms can lightly support the weight on your lap. Push your hips up as far as they can go up, towards the sky. Return back down. Repeat until done. Can also hold in up position for a count of 16 to get sassy)

Repeat this 2 times when starting out. Follow this routine by a Yoga routine. Finish 1 sequence in its entirety  Once complete with Yoga continue on to Sexy Arm Workout. BOOM! You did it! I hope your butt is sore tomorrow! Do this 1-2 times a week and you should notice a difference in your entire body in a months time.

This should increase the size of your butt because you are using weights, the higher the weights the bigger your butt can get. Do not be afraid of using weights, that's the only thing that will increase size. I want to personally work up to 150 lb weighted hip thrusts. We'll see how that works out ;)

Don't forget to have a nice after workout snack, enjoy it! You deserve it!

Until next time...