Breakfast without eggs

So I developed an egg allergy throughout this lifestyle switch. My biggest mistake that I make was not adding enough variety on a day to day basis. I was basically eating eggs and bacon every day. This is not a good idea for anyone. I am now paying the price with this. My stomach is very acidic and twisted for hours after I have eggs first thing in the morning, especially on an empty stomach. So I had to come up with some other ideas for breakfast. I have a new love for MRM low carb protein powder, I do eat this almost daily and have had zero weight gain from having protein powder more regularly. Which is GREAT news because this stuff is excellent! I stay full for hours! I purchase mine through Amazon, but they have this at most health food stores.

Every morning I have a routine before I eat ANY food, I have a salt shot ( 1tsp salt diluted in water) followed by 2 large glasses of water. Then I have my breakfast with my coffee sweetened with liquid stevia and added heavy cream. After I have my breakfast I take my multivitamin, 1000mg Vit C, Omega-3, coconut oil, and Vit D/Calcium/Magnesium supplements. 

These are my two favorite options for breakfast right now

1. Chocolate Yogurt

1 scoop low carb protein powder
4-6 oz traditional plain greek yogurt (do not get lowfat!)
1-2 Tablespoons heavy cream

Mix away and enjoy! Can be mixed ahead of time and used throughout the week. Options can also include Vanilla and Strawberry Banana, add fruit if you wish :)


2. Flax Cereal

3 Tablespoons Flax
3 Tablespoons low carb Protein powder (Chcocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry Banana)
1 tsp salt
2/3 cup Coconut Milk or Almond Milk
1 Tablespoon Heavy Cream

Mix everything together except for the Heavy Cream. Place mixture in microwave safe bowl or cup and heat for 90 seconds. Stir and top with Heavy Cream. Add blueberries or strawberries, etc. Make ahead of time by putting together the dry ingredients and keep in a ziplock baggie. Fast and delicious!