Right handed? Left Handed?


Try this challenge today, or this week! Whichever hand you are...right handed? left handed? use the opposite hand more for the day or even week. I am so overly right handed I realized this week how my left hand and arm just hang there doing nothing too much during the day. Balance out the use of your hands. When we overly use one side of our body injury's can occur, we over compensate and we get diagnosed with things we could have helped in early stages. This seems so simple, but I have been having to constantly remind myself over and over again today. See how you do!

Right Handed?

  • Use your left hand more! Balance out!

Left Handed?

  • Use your right hand more! Balance out!

Stay balanced, stay healthy! See if you can concentrate enough on this to make it through a whole day....want more of a challenge make it through the week too!

Until next time...