Natural Deodorant Review

I stopped using aluminum based deodorant a little over a year ago. The crazy effects that plugging your body with aluminum can do is just plain scary. There are different studies that are contradictory to whether aluminum causes breast cancer or not but either way I figure they can have their science battle while I go find a better natural deodorant.

On the picture above is

1. Crystal Body Deodorant Spray
2. Toms
3. Geodeo
4. Degree

The ones on the left are far superior to the ones on the right. However I have always been known to have a sweat problem, regular deodorants don't normally do much for me so I will give you my experience so far with all of the above.

1. Crystal Body Deodorant Spray.
I really like the fact that this deodorant is a spray. Think about it for a second how much nasty you re-put on your deodorant every-time you swipe it under your arms. YUCK! There has to be some type of bacteria growing on those solid deodorants....we put the cap back on them after we are done and it probably just festers. Gross. So this one being a spray is excellent. It doesn't get all over your shirt and seems to work pretty good. This is unscented. You can add any smell you'd like to this liquid too. All in all I am a fan of this one over the others seems to last all day too!

2. Toms
This is my second Toms bar and this second bar barely works. The first bar I bought was excellent. It lasted all day. I don't know if my body got used to it by the second bar but I was not a fan of smelling myself. Not okay. This is why I switched to the Crystal Body Deodorant Spray. So Toms might work for you, at least for the first bar, try it.

3. Geodeo Island
This stuff smells fabulous! One of my main reasons for purchasing, however it does not work at all. I had to apply this stuff 5-6 times a day and I could still smell myself. Not okay. This one gets a big fat thumbs down. Do not purchase this for underarm deodorant.

4. Degree
Now that I have switched to natural deodorants it seems as if the regular deodorants work like a charm on those days you really want to make sure you are sweat free. I'm not endorsing the aluminum in the deodorant but I will say that one application of this will last me almost 3 days after applying. No don't buy this...keep up with the spray or Toms, however I found it to be completely ironic that once I decided to ditch the old it wanted to work so well. Bye bye sucka! No more of that.

So Crystal Body Deodorant Spray is the winner for me here so far.I purchased all of the natural deodorants at Sprouts. Any natural market should carry them or check out Amazon for comparisons too. Any that you have tried and love please share with me! I am always open to suggestions for ones that work even better.

Until next time....