Inversion Hair Growth Therapy

What is Inversion Therapy?
A natural alternative to hair growth that is supposed to deliver amazing results in as little as one week.

How do you do it?
Use equal portions oil (I use castor oil and coconut oil), use enough for your hair and heat in the microwave until it's comfortable to the touch. Apply all over your roots and massage deeply until its all over your roots, blend to your ends if you desire but it's not necessary. NOW after the oil is all over your roots invert your head (flip it upside down~slowly) and stay inverted for 4-6 minutes while massaging your roots. Slowly come up once the time is done (don't pass out on me here). Put your hair up in a towel or braid and leave in for at minimum 2 hours before removing. Do this at night if possible and sleep on it, cover your pillow with a towel so you don't have oil everywhere.

How often do I invert?
You can do this weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Give it a week and see what your results are first.

Why does this work?
This works by stimulating the roots and basically wakes up your blood vessels and nerve endings. After stimulating the roots the skin is more receptive to absorbing the oils you apply.

Are there videos of this?
Yes! YouTube "inversion hair growth therapy" and pick and choose which ones you'd like to watch.

So there you have it! I am doing this because I cut my bangs too short in October 2014 and I am having one heck of a time trying to grow them out. Today Wednesday April 8th 2015 at 10am was day 1. I am going to do this once a week until I see some results I absolutely love.

I'll update soon! Wish me luck!

5/18/15 UPDATE
So, The massaging inversion is best for cellular growth and renewal, however if you are not eating right, removing inflammatory foods then you will not get the growth you desire. I didn't think this was anything special, and I wouldn't put my money on this working for everyone. I think doing downwards facing dog for 6 minutes would give you more benefits than this. However, the oil is amazing moisturizing for the hair, so keep that up at least once a week for healthy, happy, shiny hair!

Until next time...