Korean Skin Care

So if you look around at Asian cultures in comparison to the US or western states their skin care and skin in general is light years ahead of us. They are simply stunning! SO I decided to do some research into what they do, how they do it and what I can do to start *hopefully* reaping the benefits.

You do not have to do all of these things but out of everything I do suggest 3 things.

1. Stop being abusive to your skin, it is precious, take care of it gently. This means to tap on moisturizer and makeup rather than rubbing and stretching the skin. That over abuse does cause wrinkles. So be gentle. Tap around the eyes when dealing with products or makeup and tap moisturizer on and "connect the dots" to deliver the product to the skin better.

2. Double cleanse, remove all forms of makeup. Oil cleanse followed by foam cleanser.

3. Moisturize like crazy at nighttime, if you don't want to spend a bunch of money on products apply castor oil to all of your face by rubbing it in your hands getting it warm and then tap your hands all around your face paying special attention to those fine lines and wrinkles.

Alright, here is my modified natural version to adopt these amazing ideas into my regime.

Step 1                   Coconut Oil                                         Eye makeup removal (tap around eye)
Step 2                   Coconut Oil                                         Oil Cleanser (circular motions)
Step 3                   You chose                                            Foam Cleanser
Step 4                   Baking Soda with water                       Exfoliate (twice a month)
Step 5                   ACV/Rose Water/WEN                       Refresher (toner)
Step 6                   Hyaluronic Acid                                   Essence
Step 7                   EsteeLauder Night Repair                    Ampoule (strong essence)
Step 8                   Sheet OR Mask                                    Sheet Mask (twice a week)
Step 9                   Estee Lauder/CastorOil                        Eye Cream (tap)
Step 10                 Retin A/Other                                       Moisturizer
Step 11                 Castor Oil/Other                                   Night cream
Step 12                 You choose                                           BB Cream
Step 13                 Green Tea/WEN                                   Hydrating Mist during the day

Step 14                 Microderm/Roller/Peels                       Maintenance facials 

Now you do not have to do all of this, this is just what I am going to be implementing. I will keep you updated in a month or so to give it some good time to really see how it goes.

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This is my next step to purchasing some amazing products. But first I have to use up what I have :) 

5/18/15 UPDATE
After trying this I was really impressed with the softening of the smallest of lines! However I was turned onto a summit called Glowing Skin Summit and I learned that over 70% of what we put on our skin or inhale enters our blood stream. SO, needless to say I started looking at the ingredients of the products I thought were making miracles happen. In USA only 8 ingredients are banned and in UK over 1700 ingredients are banned. This arena is NOT monitored for our health benefits. Most if not all of your products you use contain hormones and parabens, these expensive miracles in a bottle can be causing the exact problems you are trying to get rid of. My advice is to go as natural as possible, organic, basically if you won't eat it it really shouldn't go on your face. I created my own oil cleansing/moisturizer. Because sharing is caring here is what I am using day and night and it works great! Lets just say it has Coq10, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Squalene, lauric acid and amazing moisturizing agents to name a few!

Here you go:
2 tablespoons:
Organic: Red palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil
1 tablespoon:
Organic cold pressed castor oil
Oregano oil (the amount on the bottle for a dose)
Lemon essential oil 5-10 drops
Tea Tree essential oil 5-10 drops

Mix and apply! Natural, Organic and healthy!

Until next time...