Gone Completely Organic

As the title states, it is official, I have gone 100% organic with everything now. I sort of knew this was where this lifestyle was going to take me, but I was fighting the "hippie" "health nut" "health craze" dogma that surrounds it all. But enough of what other people think at this point in my life. It is about becoming informed and making decisions based on the information you receive. So after attending many summits the last few weeks. (Like seriously, I am majorly summited out.) I realized the impact that science does have on organic and non gmo. Lets just name two things, and of these two things if you really care and really think about it it will set your mind into a tail spin into how you can take charge of your life and what you can do NOW to make a change. So here are the two things...

#1 Pesticides cause leaky gut. What is leaky gut? It means your intestines leak particles of your food out and your own body attacks it. This causes inflammation in your body. Inflammation can be anywhere, it depends on the person. One of the biggest inflammatory foods is from animal products. One individual might get headaches where someone else might have arthritis, another person might get acne, depression, autism, alzheimers, add/adhd. Just to name a few.

Let me share with you a story that happened while I was at Fraiser Farms this past week.
A daughter grabbed an organic pack of raspberries and put it in the cart.
The mother said, "no, put that back, that's organic".
The daughter says, "so does that mean organic is bad mom?"
The mom said, "it's more expensive and stupid".
I had to walk away at this point because now she has taught a little girl that organic is bad and I don't need to go into lesson mode on this person in the grocery store.

Here's a fun fact. You do not get all the nutrients you think you get out of your food if it is filled with pesticides. You think you do, but you don't. Which is really sad because you are buying healthy to eat healthy, but theres a little bit more to it then main stream lets you know. If you want to save money and get healthier then eat organic and gmo free, you actually get the nutrients and don't have to eat as much to get the vitamins and minerals you need. You get more bang for the buck ironically.

So, if pesticides don't scare you now just know that Alzheimer's doesn't just happen overnight, it's something that begins in your 20's. Take charge of what you can, when you can.

On to number two...

#2 70% of what you inhale or put directly on your skin (lotion, makeup, skincare, sunscreen, soap, sanitizer, etc.) enters your bloodstream. Let me repeat that. 70% of what you inhale or what you put on the surface of your skin enters your blood stream. Makes you want to go look at your ingredients now doesn't it? Look up the dirty dozen and get those things out of your life if you can.

Because of these things that I knew before but now they got re-drilled into my head I decided it's enough. You can't expect 100% if you don't give it 100%. I am eating all organic foods now, using only organic makeup, non gmo and gluten free hair care, using natural homemade facial creams, deodorant and essential oils for perfume. I have officially taken the plunge. DEEP.

It takes awhile to get to this point. I was low carb and gluten free only for the past 4 years and I knew I could feel even better. Now I have lifted the evil curse of fruits and I now incorporate fruits into my diet. (I know!) But they are organic. I take a probiotic daily, incorporate fermented foods daily. I cut out coffee in the morning because I was experiencing extreme adrenal fatigue so instead I switched to green tea. I drink purified water ALOT, I guzzle like a fish. And now I workout daily if even for 10 minutes, it's important to move your body, stretch your body and really love your body. That's the biggest lesson I learned about all of this, you have to love yourself in your head. How you speak to yourself really matters because the mind can heal itself or make you very sick. It all begins or ends in your mind.

Since switching to completely organic I have lost 10 pounds, this is over the last month. This isn't going to be easy and I'm not going to beat myself up if I'm not always 100% or if life happens, but this is what it is now. I can't believe I finally took the plunge, but I am super happy I did.

Here's me today:

Until next time...