Trust & Surrender

Sometimes when we face obstacles its best to trust the path, trust the way, trust what is. Trust and surrender to that instead of fight it. Fighting creates turmoil within the body, this can reap havoc. It's great to control the things we can, but when we become too focused on controlling we forget to trust and surrender to what is.

Our state of mind can aid us, when all systems are a GO everything runs so smoothly. Weight loss comes effortlessly, life seems happier, and health soars. It is extremely important to understand we must not fight that which is inevitable and we must not fight ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings.

Sometimes we get in a weird rut where we keep waking up at certain hours each night. Some then call up the doctors office and get a prescription for some Ambien. However our brains never sleep, they keep plugging away at the things we become fixated on, so its best to work together with yourself and your own mind instead of popping another pill. On a side note if you do notice sleep issues you are probably low in magnesium, take chelated magnesium nightly (or dates) and don't forget to have enough complex carbs to keep your blood sugar stable so you sleep well. 

I have fought, I have fought so hard, I created illnesses and weakness that wasn't there before, I internalized my pain, I took it out on myself. Life takes time, healing takes time. We must trust and surrender to ourselves. Stop the fight and you'll start to notice every part of your life benefit. These feelings are temporary, this moment is temporary. Don't let a temporary emotion ruin your day or your life.

Trust and Surrender

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Until Next time...