1 Day Water Fast

You read it correctly, a one day water fast is currently underway, today, right now. The last time anything besides water touched this mouth was at 8:30 pm last night, that's 6 hours away until the full 24 hours is done. I feel okay, a bit tired but no cravings for food, yet. 

My reason for doing this is to get my ovarian cyst to self-resolve in its entirety. I have a very strong willpower and am extremely focused on getting rid of this cyst. The body can heal itself if given the right tools. I gave myself an option this morning to do a juice fast OR a water fast. I have chosen somewhere in the middle. I will have water only until the hunger becomes too much, at that point I will first have some detox tea and if that does not help the hunger then I will have some Suja Green juice. 

My hope is to free my body of any built up toxins that are hindering my body of healing itself. I will be doing this once a week until I receive my next follow-up ultrasound. (in 1-2 months)

I have had zero pains during this water fast so far, I feel okay. I am definitely tired but I am okay. It's a nice challenge to see what I am capable of. Any symptoms that may pop-up is just the effects of the body getting rid of excess toxins. I do not recommend this for everyone, you should consult your doctor before doing a water or juice cleanse. 

Ideally, I would like to do a 3 day fast, but I have to start somewhere. So 1 day it is. I will keep you posted how this goes!

UPDATE: this was actually amazing and super empowering. I did 24 hours water only and then switched to cold pressed juice for a total of 88 hours. I will try to repeat a cleanse once a month like this. 

For more information here's some options so you can get your read on:

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