Why Keto/Paleo is not the end all Diet

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The word diet is implicative of something short term but the word in this use is fitting for the ketogenic and paleo diet. I was an advocate of this diet for 6 years. I created recipes for it, I shared these recipes. I now only share a few of my most popular recipes that are keto/paleo but I do not recommend ketogenic or paleo for long the long term anymore.

What are you talking about there's so much research proving the ketogenic paleo high-fat works, right?

Wrong, people like to hear good things about their bad habits and I was sold by this for 6 years. I was wrong. When research is conducted there are a couple of things that need to be considered first:

Who is funding the study? Who are the sponsors? Who benefits from the study? Will there be a push of a product? Does this product create repeat customers? Who is the audience they are trying to market to? Who financially benefits? Whos health benefits?

The best scientific research studies are double-blind ones, where the median is not skewed to meet the need of the biased party and a study that is evidence-based leaving emotions aside.

The more data the better. Consistent reported data especially when it comes to diet as we all vary ours up so often is a must. At the bare minimum people should be reporting their macros/micronutrients weekly. Cross-referencing and checking any outliers. Once you take a statistics class you realize how easy it is to make any study look good for those people that are funding the study. It is unfortunate but any study can be compromised greatly in regards to its reliability, what you want and need is the raw pure data.

What I have found as the error of the demonizing of the Carbs is that they lump sum all of the carbohydrates together into one category. Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fruits, Vegetables, Starches, Legumes and Whole Grains. They are all put into one category and all lump summed as the evil carbohydrate. Whole Foods is absorbed much differently in our body over anything processed. Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup being in the same category of such nutrient-dense foods is a shame and those two things should be demonized, not the others.

So let's talk about Dr. Loren Cordain for a minute. He is the founder of the Paleo Diet. Whenever someone uses the word Paleo he gets a royalty on it. I'm sure hes sitting back collecting a pretty hefty paycheck at this point. What is his educational background? Loren received his BS in Health Sciences, his MS in Exercise Physiology (PE) and his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology (PE). Not to discredit what his education is, but a Medical Doctor (MD) is much different from someone with a Ph.D. in PE.

I will just let that sink in for a minute being that this person has been one of the main people that everyone talks about when they say the word Paleo with all of the supposed benefits associated with it.

And who does Dr. Loren Cordain and all of the other Ketogenic and Paleo hypers refer to when they speaks of how saturated animal fats are good for us? Weston A Price.

Who is Weston A Price?

(1870-1948) Price was a Dentist. Yes, a Dentist. This Dentist studied primitive cultures which then lead to him giving food recommendations based on the dental decay observations.

So this Dentist is the one that is saying high amounts of saturated fat is healthy based on his education in Dentistry. Remember he was alive from 1870 to 1948. A lot of things have changed from 1948 to 2017, but people always refer to him and his data on the teeth that he found.

Let that thought sink in for a minute as well.

The Weston A Price Foundation has picked up and ran in a very beneficial direction for themselves and others...others though, not meaning the public consumer. They push the use of saturated fats because guess who they lobby for? WAPF lobbies for Raw Milk and Grassfed Beef. The members (including farmers) make financial contributions creating a vicious cycle being that they then benefit when any sales from big agriculture or dairy is made.

Who is funding the study? Who are the sponsors? Who benefits from the study? Will there be a push of a product? Does this product create repeat customers? Who is the audience they are trying to market to? Who financially benefits? Whos health benefits?

The water is looking a little muddy to me.

I will stop right here and let you do further research yourself, I by no means am the expert of all experts that I want people to go to for all of the information. I am just a Nutritional Therapist that was once a School Nurse with a Marketing and social media marketing background that's taken way too many college classes. Instead of simply believing me because you read it on the internet I want to inform people so they learn how to properly analyze studies and how to properly digest data. In today's day and age people want money and they will do anything to get it. Follow the money. Just remember...If it smells fishy, it probably is.

So, NO the Paleo/Keto diet is not the end all diet, if anything it is a disguise and a very smart marketing strategy that they have come up with for their own gains. My only hope is that you too will be able to see through the wool that they are trying to place over our eyes. Remove it completely, its a beautiful awakening once its off.

If you'd like information into the diet/lifestyle I am now on I highly recommend any of the books below:

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